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How to Progress into a Pull-Up
April 2, 2016
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Buddy Fitness: Resistance Band Training
April 2, 2016

1)    Do Body Weight Exercises: While it may be tougher to find motivation to exercise when you’re snowed in, this should not necessarily limit your options on staying active. One of the few things that will always be certain in your lifetime is that your body is always with you. Below are 10 body weight exercises that require only your body weight and the environment around you.

    • Air Squats
    • Wall Sits
    • Lunges
    • Push-ups/wall Push-ups
    • Dips with chairs
    • Supermans
    • Crunches
    • Hip Bridges
    • Single Leg Balance
    • Lying to a Standing

2)    Use your at home equipment: While a home gym may not always be your first choice, it definitely makes for a great excuse destroyer. On a rainy day, or in this case a snowy day, at home equipment can give you a wider variety of choices when it comes to working out inside. Below are 10 great pieces of home equipment options that take up very little space, and yet, are very versatile.

    • Resistance Band
    • Powerblock Dumbbells (adjustable: 5lbs – 70lbs/hand)
    • TRX Suspension Training
    • Step Aerobics
    • Jump Rope
    • Exercise Ball
    • Medicine Ball
    • Yoga Block
    • Yoga Strap
    • Kinetic (portable station to turn your outdoor bike into an indoor bike)

3)    Use an Activity Tracker: It is a recommended to get in 5 miles of movement each day of the week. The average human takes about 10,000 steps to reach that goal. Whether its walking to the bathroom, going up the stairs, or playing with your puppy, an activity tracker can help you accomplish this goal. Below are 6 different activity tracking options you could use;

    • Garmin Vivofit
    • Fitbit
    • Nike+ Fuel Band
    • Jawbone
    • Misfit Shine
    • Pedometer

4)    Have fun with a Motion Sensored Gaming Console: A new generation of technology has been growing over the past decade, specifically in the gaming industry. These gaming systems include physically interactive games including, but not limited to; dancing, working out, and sports. Below are three of the leading interactive gaming consoles you could use to stay active on a snowy day.

    • Nintendo Wii and WiiU
    • Playstation Move
    • Microsoft Kinect for the X Box 360

5)    Follow along to a Workout DVD: It can be hard sometimes to come up with something to do on your own at home. Having a Workout DVD to watch can make all the difference in the world. Workouts like P-90 X and Insanity being some the more popular ones. You can also find more great videos to on www.collagevideo.com.

6)    Check out our videos on our Youtube Channel: Hilton Head Health has a wide variety of different fitness videos that can provide fun workouts tdo indoors.