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July 21, 2016
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Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling can sometimes knock us off course with our routines and our healthy eating habits. H3 Registered Dietitian, Felicia Hackett gives us some tips on how to stay healthy while traveling.

A fruit is a fruit no matter where you go:

“Basic nutrition does not change from city to city,” said Hackett. “Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are the foundation of your diet.” A fruit is a fruit but may take different shapes. You can find passion fruit in tropical areas like Hawaii and apples in fair weather states like New York. You may travel to a different place but the concept of nutritious foods will remain the same. Wherever you travel you can be sure to find some local fruits and vegetables. 


Hub airports offer so much more than what they use to. There are “bistro” type restaurants that offer make-your-own salads, whole fruit, and whole grains. Step out of your regular routine and discover what the airport has to offer. Bring an empty water bottle with you through security and you can fill up at the water fountain, this way you don’t have to spend money on expensive bottled water and you can stay hydrated for however long your travel plans are.


If you are driving short distances of 2-3 hours, ask yourself ifdriving you need anything else in your car beside water. If you decide you do plan for what you are going to bring. Pack a small cooler full of your favorite fruits and cut up vegetables. Throw in some 100-calorie nut snack bags and dried fruit. For longer road trips plan what city you are going to stop to rest and google the restaurants that are offered there. 

Shop Smart: 

Many grocery stores offer healthier options at their hot bar and prepped food area. Stores like Wegmans and Whole Foods have great offerings of meals and snacks and on top of that quick service and places to sit and eat. 

Have a Plan:

As long as you have a game plan, traveling does not have to mean cheap fast-food or vending machine junk food. Have a plan, know which foods to look for (fruits, veggies, and whole grains) and pick those out on your travels! 

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