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Unwise, Better, Best: Summertime Grilling
May 29, 2018
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May 30, 2018
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Katherine’s Mindset Shift

My first time to Hilton Head Health was when I was 17 years ago and Peter Miller was still involved in the business. I’ve visited H3 four times since and while each visit has impacted my wellness journey my last visit in November helped me shift my mindset and prepare me for a surgery.


My doctor encouraged me to lose 50lbs before an upcoming knee surgery in order to help with my recovery. I decided to participate in H3’s LoseWell program because of the structure, behavioral component, and group dynamic of this program. I felt that this program would help me meet my doctor’s goal.


My biggest concern about going this time was if I’d be able to work out and if I’d fail to meet my weight loss goal. But I found out that I was stronger than I thought! Trying new things allowed me to discover that I really enjoyed strength classes. And I never thought I’d be able to do a rope pull and didn’t know how much fun pool classes with Casey could be, until I tried.


This stay also helped me change my mindset on nutrition and wellness. I shifted from an “all or nothing” mentality and started to focus on the long haul after sitting in Erin Risius’ lecture. Erin discussed finding the middle ground and this really resonated with me. I now leverage this thought process, as well as asking myself “is it worth it” and Bob’s “unwise, better, best” strategies when deciding on my nutrition.


I’m very appreciative of the attention and time everyone gets with the staff. I couldn’t have done it without the group support. The LoseWell group has provided me connections that help with my accountability and my weekly coaching calls with Brandi have been the biggest influences and helped me meet my doctor’s goal of losing 50lbs. 


I no longer have a weight goal in mind, it’s the way I feel. I now have a healthy lifestyle that’s achievable with mindfulness and moving a little bit every day. The increased mobility I gained will help with my post-surgical rehabilitation and ability to enjoy traveling more, especially to the Greek Isles.