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January 3, 2017
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Maintain your New Year’s Resolutions

With every new year comes a new chance to start new goals and resolutions. But what happens when the excitement of the New Year starts to fade and with it your motivation to accomplish your goals fades as well? Research shows that by the second week, only about %64 of New Year’s resolutions are maintained. And by the first month, that percentage is down to about %50. So what is the secret to staying motivated and on track with our New Year’s goals? Dr. Rhonda Sutton, Wellness Counselor at H3, Bob Wright, Director of Education and David Chesworth, Wellness Coach and Fitness Programmer, share with us some tips to stay on track to accomplishing new years resolutions. 

Use a Word

Dr. Rhonda suggests that one of the keys to staying focused on your goals is to be reminded of them as much as possible. “I have found that using “one word” as a way to both start and end the day has been helpful,” Rhonda explains.  For example, if her goal was to be more grateful for the positive things and people in her life she may choose the word “gratitude.” She could write this word of sticky note and place it on her mirror and every morning when she wakes up or brushes her teeth before bed she would be reminded of your goal. “I remind myself in the morning to be looking for the people, experiences, and situations for which I am grateful that day.  At the end of the day, I reflect on the day and make a gratitude list (either mentally or in writing),” continues Rhonda.  “That one word keeps me focused, motivated and moving in a positive direction to help me achieve the goal(s) I have as a result of having that one word direct my New Year’s Resolution.”

Make Reminders for Every Day

Bob Wright continues to say that it doesn’t have to be one word. “It could be a word, a mantra, a vision that resonates with the individual.” It is important to find something that speaks to you that keeps you focused on your goals. For example, at Hilton Head Health, Bob Wright emphasizes the phrase, “Unwise, Better, Best.” This simply means whenever you are making a decision whether it be nutritional, emotional or fitness related, there are always going to be unwise, better and best choices. If you are wanting a snack unwise would be that chocolate donut and soda, better would be a granola bar and water and best would be carrots or fruit with no added sodium or sugar. Having a phrase like “Unwise Better Best” can help you stay motivated and focused one day and one decision at a time.

Be Specific

David Chesworth recommends being specific with your goals is a critical part of being successful in achieving your goals. If your resolution is to lose weight and exercise more than make a specific goal of something like, “Every day I will walk on the treadmill for at least 20 minutes.” “Focus on one or two things that you want to improve on,” suggests David. “Minor changes can go a long way when it comes to fitness.” 

Include Others

Finally, a great way to stay motivated is to track your progress personally and with others. Bob Wright suggests having friends or an outside source hold you accountable and encourage you. “Having some sort of support is going to be very beneficial with any resolution or goal.” said Rhonda. To find out how you can join others on a journey to a healthier and happier lifestyle at a world-renowned health and wellness resort visit our website