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August 31, 2017
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September 1, 2017
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Making Fitness Part Of Your Routine

Making fitness a part of your daily life can be a daunting task. Work, family, and life can keep you from your reaching your goals. Women, as care givers, can fall into the trap of taking care of others first and devoting little time for themselves.  So how do we make a shift to promote health and wellness for ourselves? 


For most people, mornings are the easiest time of day to prioritize working out. As you get later in the day, work and family demands start to creep in and redirect your attention away from wellness. Also, those who set morning exercise are more likely to establish a fitness routine long term.  So set yourself up for success by getting your workout in early!


Once you know when you’re going to workout, create a fitness plan by scheduling out the days and activities for your workout. Having a plan ensures that you’ll have a direction for what you’ll be doing for each day. Your fitness plan and schedule show that you are dedicating that time to your health and wellness. Treat your fitness plan and schedule like a doctor’s appointment and make sure you don’t miss it. 


Having friends and family join you in your efforts to stay active also helps with forming a routine you can stick with long term. Instead of happy hours or big dinners out, try taking a new fitness class, going for a bike ride or take turns leading a workout for your friends. You can also take a walk after dinner instead of watching television or get some neighbors together for a pick-up game of basketball. In turn, making fitness fun and social will make you more likely to continue. 


In all, start your more active lifestyle by making yourself a priority. Then, gain the support of others that will help form new exercise into lifelong habits.