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April 2, 2016
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Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken

by Executive Chef Hicham Elmadi

Chicken is the go-to protein for most families but at some point, you and your family can get a little bored. Instead of that same old chicken recipe, mix things up with our new Mediterranean Stuffed Chicken recipe. Bring home the rich, robust flavors of our True* Restaurant with this delicious, 210-calorie recipe! This is one of our favorites from our new True* dinner menu.



4 oz. Chicken breast, sliced with pocket for vegetables and ingredients
1 oz. Spinach, steamed
2 T. Mushrooms, sautéed
1 T. Sundried tomatoes, chopped
1 tsp. Goat cheese, crumbled
5 each Pine nuts
1/4 oz. White truffle shavings (from can, use minimal per serving)
1/2 tsp. Olive oil
1/8 tsp. Salt
1/8 tsp. Pepper


1. Prepare ingredients that go into the chicken breast and set aside.
2. Layer the ingredients in the chicken breast as follows:

    • 1 oz. cooked spinach


    • 1 tsp. goat cheese


    • 1 T. sundried tomatoes


    • 2 T. mushrooms


    • 5 pine nuts


    • ¼ oz. White truffle shavings

3. Season stuffed chicken breast with a small pinch of salt and pepper.
4. Pan-sear each side of the chicken breast until golden brown.
5. Finish chicken breast in oven until finished.


Serves: 1
Serving Size: 1 stuffed chicken breast
Calories: 210
Fat: 8 grams
Protein: 27 grams