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November 12, 2020
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Need Better Work/Life Balance? Try a Wellness Getaway

It can be difficult to make the time for wellness, but ask yourself, “If not now, when?” The solution you’re looking for may be a wellness getaway.

Wellness getaways (also called work sabbaticals or wellness retreats) are a prime opportunity for you to achieve a mental, physical, or emotional reset. It can be as short as 3 to 4 days, 1 month, or as long as you desire. It combines relaxation with well-being, but many people also use it as an opportunity to kick-start healthier eating and exercise habits. How you choose to use your time is up to you!

Signs You’re Ready for a Wellness Getaway

If you’re wondering if you could benefit from a wellness getaway, here are some signs you could use a reset:

Work and life are off-balance: Although it’s a constant ebb and flow, if all your time is spent at the office and your social life disappears, it may be time for a getaway.

Your motivation drops: You know you have a mile-long to-do list and deadlines to meet, but you just can’t muster the motivation to get started or finish a project.

You’re agitated or disconnected: Maybe you’re more irritable lately or minor inconveniences really set you off. Exciting projects or events no longer spark happiness.

You feel drained or run-down: Physically, mentally, or both. Your sleep cycle is thrown off or you may get sick more often than usual.

If you haven’t quite been feeling like yourself and could use some help to get back on track, a wellness getaway might just be what’s needed. But where to begin?

Preparing for a Wellness Getaway

It can be overwhelming to plan for a wellness getaway, but there are resources to help. Here are some ideas to get started:

Planning the logistics

Where do you want to go, when, and for how long? Where will you be staying and what will you do? An all-inclusive wellness resort like Hilton Head Health answers these questions with customizable programs. Let health and fitness experts, premier chefs, and wellness specialists take care of everything so you can focus on your wellness journey.

Discuss with your family and friends

Developing a support system with family or friends is an important step in allowing your mind to heal. Having reliable people take care of the everyday responsibilities like paying bills, caring for pets, or watching your house while you’re on an extended trip can free your mind from those worries.

Collaborate with your employer

Going on a wellness getaway doesn’t necessarily require you to quit your job. Consider the pros and cons of continuing to work with a lighter-than-usual schedule versus fully taking the time off:

Continuing to work: This may be a more realistic approach for your life and career, and working remotely is easier than ever. However, despite not fully unplugging, your coworkers may feel it’s not an optimal situation for the team.

Taking time off: It can be a very freeing experience that allows you to fully dedicate time and energy to your wellness and begin a new chapter in life. However, the harsh reality is that your position may not be waiting for you when you’re ready to come back to the office.

No matter which approach is best for you, be sure to prepare before discussing with your employer. Research potential company policies or benefits regarding sabbaticals. Create a general plan for your time off, but leave some wiggle room for team input. Then, discuss with leadership and human resources to solidify your plan. Notify colleagues and clients as needed, prepare them for this new working style or transitioning workload, and consider practicing working remotely for a few days so your time away runs as smoothly as possible.

Wellness Getaways at Hilton Head Health

For over 40 years, Hilton Head Health has been at the forefront of wellness innovation in an all-inclusive setting. Hilton Head Health offers multiple programs for those looking for a wellness getaway with endless options that can make your stay unique.

Healthy Getaway: Take 3 to 4 (or more!) days and clear your mind. This program is a mini-vacation that focuses on healthy eating and exercise. Learn more about Healthy Getaway.

WorkWell: If you’d like to continue working during your stay, that can be built into your schedule. Your private office space is equipped with high-speed internet, video conferencing capabilities, and wireless printing. Learn more about WorkWell.

Additional programs at Hilton Head Health: Looking for something different? The LivingWell Program provides a different type of wellness vacation. Or, if you want more of an emphasis on weight loss, there are multiple programs offered to fit your needs.

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Hear It From Our Guests

Cheryl and Jeni Hines came to Hilton Head Health together, but with 2 separate objectives. With individualized programs, they were both able to achieve their goals and strengthen their bond as mother and daughter.

Jeni & Cheryl Hayes

“I started looking for places that had 2 of my favorite activities – fitness centers and good food. Since my mom has been struggling with her weight over the last few years, it seemed like the perfect place. I had 3 goals for my trip to H3: get my mom inspired to lose weight again, spend some quality time with her, and to get myself back on track. Hilton Head Health went beyond my expectations – and they were pretty high!”

Ready to Get Started?

Book a trip for a long weekend, and if you fall in love with life at Hilton Head Health, you can easily extend your stay while you’re here! Call us at 1-888-355-5114 to talk directly to a member of our reservations team or schedule a tour of our resort. Or if you’re ready to start your journey, book your stay today!