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April 2, 2016
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Top 10 Reasons To Follow the Mediterranean Diet

The Four Food Groups

A healthy, balanced diet is vital to achieving longterm weight loss and living a healthy lifestyle. Though there are a lot of moving parts and factors to finding the perfect healthy diet for you, following the basics of the Mediterranean diet is a great place to start. The Mediterranean diet is a heart-healthy diet plan that focuses on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes. It also advocates replacing fats such as butter with olive oil, using herbs and spices to flavor food in lieu of salt, limiting red meat, and enjoying wine in moderation. Here are the top 10 reasons to follow the Mediterranean diet:

10.  You have fun during your meals.  The Mediterranean diet is not a diet—it is a lifestyle.  Eat your meals at a table, spend time finishing your meal, and eat among others.  I promise you end up having a more enjoyable dining experience.

9.  Your cardiovascular risk decreases.  This diet is the perfect formula for helping your blood pressure and cholesterol numbers improve significantly.

8.  You wake up feeling 10 years younger.  A diet rich in plant foods (vegetables, fruit, herbs, whole grains, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds) can decrease inflammation as well providing constant energy.

7.   Your loved ones are impressed by your cooking skills.  Following the Mediterranean diet results in spending more time in the kitchen preparing composed meals.  You’ll have the ability to create some awesome dishes—including intimidating recipes you’ve always kept off your meal plan.  Use H3’s Blog and skills that you may have learned as a guest in the H3 Healthy Kitchen as a valuable resource.

6.  You suddenly feel like an athlete every time you work out or train.  A diet focused on plants, lean proteins, fatty fish, healthy oils (olive oil, avocado, nuts, seeds, nut oils), low fat dairy, beans, legumes, wine in moderation, herbs, spices and a lot of water will fuel your muscles and body necessary for prime performance.

5.  Fad diets are no longer an option.  No major food group is discounted.  You are focused on getting a variety of foods, going local, choosing seasonal produce and the diet monkey chatter can slowly dissipate.

4.  Healthy food tastes awesome!  Using herbs, spices, vinegars, oils, nuts, seeds and more adds amazing texture as well as giving you a huge flavor boost without excessive sodium or added sugars.

3.  Your friends come to you for nutrition advice.  Your lifestyle is now admirable among your peers and they are asking what you’ve been doing with your diet and exercise.  Here is the great thing—it is easy to encourage those around you because you truly believe in the lifestyle you are living.

2.  You get to buy a new wardrobe.  Due to a significant improvement in your food choices, your weight loss goals will be easy to achieve.  Hello, shopping mall!

1.  You are finally living in diet freedom.  You can finally let go of every fad diet you’ve followed and hold onto something that is realistic, healthy and enjoyable.  Key word—enjoyable.

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