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New Food Highlight: Starfruit
May 1, 2018
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TRX Strength Circuit Workout
May 23, 2018



10 reps

Lie faceup. Extend arms upwards, lifting head and engaging core to roll up smoothly. Reach forward with hands reaching toward toes while still drawing your waist back to create length along your spine and maintaining a feeling of drawing your abs in. Slowly roll back down.


Single-leg stretch

10 reps per leg

Lie faceup on mat with knees drawn toward chest, shins parallel to floor in tabletop position. Exhale to lift head, neck, and shoulders off mat. At the same time, extend left leg straight to a 45-degree angle and draw right knee toward chest. Grab right knee with left hand and right ankle with right hand. Switch legs on the inhale, pulse for 1 beat, and switch legs again on exhale, keeping shoulders off mat and core engaged throughout.


The Hundred

100 counts

Lie faceup, arms at sides. Curl head, neck, and shoulders up, and extend legs to a sustainable level (where abs stay engaged but lower back is not lifting from the mat). Begin pumping arms up and down, inhaling for 5 counts and exhaling for 5 counts, totaling 10 breath cycles. To modify, bend knees at a 90-degree angle.


Rolling like a ball

10 reps

Sit on mat with knees drawn toward chest and arms wrapped around legs. Rock back to tailbone with feet hovering a few inches above mat. Inhale, rolling back to shoulder blades then exhale to roll forward to balanced starting position. Use abs to control momentum and pause before feet touch mat. 


Double-leg stretch

10 reps

Lie faceup. Curl up to raise shoulders slightly and engage abdominals to support lower back. Extend arms by ears and raise legs to a 45-degree angle from the floor. Circle arms around and hug knees into chest. To modify, keep legs at a 90-degree angle and rest head.


Criss Cross

10 reps

Lie faceup on mat, hands behind neck and elbows wide. Lift head, neck, and shoulders off mat. Bring left armpit to right knee and extend left leg to high diagonal. Twist to the other side and switch legs, bringing right armpit to left knee and extending right leg. Lift from the ribcage, not your neck.