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April 14, 2017
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Unanticipated Rewards From Getting Healthy
April 17, 2017

In the Healthy Kitchen, Chef Karla teaches guests how to increase nutrition without compromising taste. Taste is important because it is the number one reason why people choose the foods they eat. What you eat plays an important role in your health. At H3 we have a plant-focused dietary approach. Plant focused means eating a consumption pattern that includes 75% or more of plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts, and seeds. These foods promote health and can aid in decreasing overall calorie consumption. So, how can you pack some nutrition for the day?


Burgers: Pat your own patties using lots of fresh herbs and vegetables like onions and garlic and less meat, 2-3oz per burger. Choose healthy proteins like turkey. We have a fantastic turkey burger recipe in our 40th Anniversary cookbook. If you’re moving more towards plant-based eating, a black bean burger is a great substitute for any meat option.  Continue to practice packing the black bean burger with herbs and vegetables of your choice.

H3 Turkey Burger

Spaghetti: Who can pass up spaghetti? At H3 we mix in spiralized zucchini with our pasta. It creates the illusion of spaghetti but without all the calories. If you like spaghetti but don’t want to give it up, be mindful of your portions and bulk it up with some yummy zucchini.

H3 Spaghetti

French toast: Breakfast sweets are tricky because sometimes the toast can be a vehicle for lots of butter and maple syrup, a calorie trap. For traditional meals with lots of added sugar, think portion control and adding other components to the eating occasion. Have one slice of French toast with a touch of butter and maple syrup. If you want to make it sweeter top it off with berries of your choice. To add more pizazz, throw a handful of nuts on your French toast for that crunch but also for fiber and quality calories to keep you fuller, longer.


To JumpStart your nutrition you don’t have to dump everything and start from scratch.  Start making small changes like cutting back on portion sizes of traditional foods like spaghetti and sweeter meal items and adding in more whole foods, plant-based components to bulk it up. Also, utilize fresh herbs as an opportunity to nourish but also add tons of flavor. At H3 we value your taste buds and your health. Follow us on Facebook for recipes and tips on how you can add nutrition without compromising flavor!

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