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February 21, 2018
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Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands are a great way to perform strength exercises and increase flexibility. They are appropriate for any fitness level; they come in a variety of lengths and tensions. Resistance bands work the muscles in a more functional way by creating resistance in any direction. You may enjoy using bands more than using free weights because they are easier to grip then weights, especially if you have trouble with grip strength. They are also easier to bring along when you travel.



Resistance Band Workout Routine:


  1.  Bicep Curls   (12 reps)

  2.  Squats   (12 reps)

  3.  Row with Triceps Kick   (12 reps)

  4.  Side Shuffles   (12 reps/side)

  5.  Cross Body Wood-chops   (12 reps/side)

  6. Reverse Lunges (12 reps/leg)