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Ways to Improve Your Running

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Improve your Running the H3 Way

Running is a great way to burn calories, strengthen legs and core, and improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. However, just getting up and running could be challenging for some. Maybe you have an injury or health issue that limits your ability to run.  So we asked H3’s Fitness instructor and Pilates Coach, Chris Varano for some tips on improving our running.


Tips to Improve Your Running:

1.    Start Small

“Start small and include a lot of walking when adding running. Try five minutes of walking with 30 seconds of running building up to 20 minutes of activity. As you feel stronger, the running intervals can be lengthened and the walking shortened,” said Varano.

2.    Try Machines

To really work towards your running goals go for the machines that are going to mimic the running motions. “An upright bike or stair master would be more relevant other than a treadmill,” said Varano.

3.     Find a Program

The Couch to 5K is a great program that helps you progress in either a four-week or eight-week program depending on your current level of fitness,” suggested Varano.

4.     Come to H3’s Treading Class!

Here at Hilton Head Health, we believe in having options when it comes to fitness. We have over 50 fitness classes that offer a diverse range of fitness activities. We love running and we have created a way for guests to improve their running abilities  while still getting a great calorie-burning workout with our Treading class. 


H3’s Treading Class

The Treading class is all about  improving your running skills. However, Treading is not actually all about running. “In Treading very few people run,” said Varano, “Most walk at varying speeds and inclines depending on their ability.” 


Treading is all about Interval Training:

“Interval training is adding increased speed for shorter durations,” said Varano. “This is a great way to burn more calories, increase muscle strength and get comfortable with running without having to think you need to be able to do it for the entire length of the class.”


Treading is Individualized:

Varano and other H3 instructors will individualize your participation in the Treading class by deciding:

   Which machine is the best fit for you:

 If you have an injury or joint pain, you can do the class while on an elliptical or a bike and still receive the same effects and benefits as someone on the treadmill.

 How you should use your machine:

The instructor will modify workouts to increase the incline, speed, or resistance to assure that each individual is getting a good workout in.


Treading Offers Options:

The treading class is located in Hilton Head Health’s Cardio Centralwhich is filled with top-of-the-line cardio machines. “Treading lets many people with many abilities get a great cardio workout either running, walking, using the new step, bike, elliptical or the arc trainer,” said Varano.


Come to Hilton Head Health

It doesn’t matter what skill-level you are at, all of our fitness classes here at Hilton Head Health offer effective workouts for guests to receive the benefits and results they are striving for. “We encourage everyone to work to their abilities but also keep themselves challenged,” said Varano. So challenge yourself and get a running start on your new lifestyle by visiting Hilton Head Health today!