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April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016
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Siblings “LOSE Well” Together by John Lippett

sibling fitness(l to r) H3 Fitness Coach Chris, Dorin, H3 Fitness Coach David, H3 Fitness Coach John, Maor

We’ve seen so many success stories in just this past year at Hilton Head Health, but none stand out more than the brother and sister combo of Maor and Dorin Elias. Dorin and Maor came to H3 looking for education, direction and a kick start to weight loss. After 4 weeks in the LOSE Well program both siblings left feeling motivated, educated and excited to continue their journeys at home. They shared in their personal successes while learning about new fitness and nutrition options they enjoyed.

Dorin and Maor strengthened their swimming skills, more than doubled the number of push ups they could do and can now hold a plank twice as long as when they first arrived. Not to mention their improvement in their pool volleyball skills. They lost a combined total of  29 inches, 39 pounds, and greatly improved their blood lipid profiles in just 4 weeks!

All of those accomplishments don’t compare with Maor and Dorin’s overall improvement in quality of life, boost in confidence and new found excitement towards health and exercise.

We wish them both good luck at home with continuing their personal journeys towards greater health!

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