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January 17, 2018
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January 24, 2018

This year, I’m taking the opportunity to interview some of your staff favorites to illustrate the concept of setting SMART goals. The cool thing about the SMART format is that it can be applied to any area of your life for personal or professional development, and doesn’t have to be solely about fitness or meal planning, to contribute to your sense of wellness.

I sat down with H3’s own David Chesworth, Fitness Programmer and Wellness Coach, to discuss some of his ambitions as we move into a New Year. I started by asking David this broad and opened-ended question:

“As we move into the New Year, what are your thoughts about advancing your skill set?”

After a moment of soul searching, David explained that he has been thinking about his passion for continued learning. He went on to explain that he has been torn about potentially returning to attend graduate school to further his field knowledge.

We both acknowledged that this would be a big decision to make, and may be overwhelming to tackle head-on. After exploring David’s motivation behind this potential decision, I asked David:

“What will be your first step?”

David identified that he really wasn’t sure where to start. What he was sure about, however, was that he had resources he could pull in to help him answer this question. We could certainly make a SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic and Time Bound) goal with this that would point David in the right direction.

S – Specific

“What are the resources you could use? What will you be seeking?”

David identified that he could contact a friend that has a doctorate in Biology to ask him where he would need to start. He could ask for book recommendations on how to learn more statistics vocabulary as well as study design. David said he could also consult with our Director of Education, Bob Wright, who he has identified as a Scientific Translator!

M – Measurable

“How will we know when you complete this goal?”

David said he would know that he had advanced his proficiency when he received information about study design and statistics from his friend.

A – Action Oriented

“What are you going to do?”

David stated that he could send an email to his friend asking for his help and advice.

R – Realistic

“How confident do you feel, on a scale of 1-10, that you can accomplish this goal?”

David stated that he feels he is at a 10 in terms of confidence about reaching out to his friend for his expertise.

T – Time Bound

“When will you complete this action?”

David said he could send an email to his friend tonight.

As David and I brainstormed together, we were able to take a broad ambition and distill it down into the first actionable step to make it a reality. By asking ourselves a series of specific and open-ended questions, we are able to put a solid plan in place to achieve whatever it is that we set out to do.

If you’d like to work one on one to develop your individualized plan of action for your wellness vision, please feel free to contact me directly at coach@hhhealth.com.