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February 28, 2017
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March 2, 2017
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Spring Clean your Fitness Wardrobe

Spring is the perfect time to spring…clean your fitness apparel. Having good workout clothing and fitness apparel could have a direct impact on your motivation to exercise. Just like your other clothes, it is important to change out the old dingy fitness apparel and replace it with fresh and new clothes that will motivate you to get up and move!


Temperatures are warming and days are longer so it’s easier to get those workouts in before or after work. 

Clothing should also be adjusted for the warmer weather. You no longer need all the layers. Changing out the sweatshirts for the tank tops is a great way to assure you are keeping cool and comfortable during your workouts. If you feel comfortable and confident, chances are you will have a more productive workout. Investing in some key pieces now will keep you motivated and prepared throughout every season.

Your feet will thank you.

If you haven’t updated your shoes, now is a good time. If you’ve been wearing the same pair consistently, they probably need updating. Most shoes last about 300-500 miles or about four to six months.  Having properly fitting shoes for your choice of activity is key. Injuries could occur if you continue to run and exercise in poorly fitted shoes. Your exercise shoes should be a good shape in order to provide the cushion and support your joints need as well as reduce the risk of injuries such as shin splints, twisted ankles or blisters. Find a good store with someone who can size your shoe properly and watch how you walk in them. It will make all the difference.

New Shoes

Remember- every six months.

Just like shoes, socks and other clothing have an expiration date. Six months is about as long as you want to keep most of your workout clothes. Jackets and pants last a bit longer but after awhile, you can’t keep shorts, shirts and sports bras in good shape and fitting properly. You are putting your workout gear through much more than your everyday clothes. You may start to notice that the material is starting to sag, causing chafing or other discomforts. This is just going to distract your during your workout and can easily be avoided. Other signs it may be time to toss the old apparel for new is when you start to notice thinning in the fabric, loose strings, or when the moisture-absorbant material is not doing its job anymore. Invest in some quality pieces and again, they will see you through to fall when you can update to your cooler weather wear.

Don’t let poor workout gear inhibit you from getting the best workout possible. Increase your confidence and your well-being by routinely changing out and improving your workout apparel.