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March 17, 2017
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Spring Cleaning your Pantry

Spring clean the pantry scan, assess what you need, and toss or donate the rest. Spring is in the air and that means time to clean, clean out the pantry that is!


Take a look at your food inventory and see what food products have been shoved to the back or have not been used for weeks or even months or, for that matter, years.


Assess what you need:

What do you need in your pantry? In the context of a healthy dietary pattern; beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, fruit and nut bars, and vegetables like potatoes are the main components of a pantry. Include some room for your favorite spices and healthy added fats like olive or grapeseed oil, our two favorite unsaturated fats at H3. Other than those basic foods, ask yourself “is it worth it?” Your pantry can act as a space for highly, packaged and processed potentially eaten calories like cookies, crackers, and chips. Start to dedicate small spaces to these foods and keep them out of sight. Set yourself up for grabbing the better/best foods by putting them in your visual acuity. 


Toss or Donate the Rest:

Start by tossing the expired boxes, spices, and cans. Then pile up the food that you would like to donate. These foods could be something that you thought you would use, bought on a whim, and then became a dust collector; foods like canned goods, unopened cereal boxes, pasta, sauces, and dip mixes. Finally, toss out the foods that you answered ‘no’ to the “Is it worth it?” Question. Spring cleaning the pantry is great but tidying up every week can help the yearly stress of the big clean out. At the end of each week, take notice of what you have left in the pantry and challenge yourself to use it in the upcoming week. It all starts with meal planning. Meal planning is about understanding your consumption pattern and purchasing what you need to make well-composed meals or Fitbites. Happy Spring!