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July 21, 2016
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August 8, 2016
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Stay Cool while Exercising in the Summer Heat

The summer can bring dangerously high temperatures that can make outdoor exercise unbearable. We asked H3’s Fitness programmer and wellness coach, David Chesworth for some tips to avoid the dangers of the heat and remain active and healthy.

More obvious Tips

Morning workouts: If you can get out there closer to sunrise you can enjoy more comfortable temperatures before the sun is at its highest and hottest peak. 

Indoor workouts: One sure way to avoid the heat of summer, is to stay indoors for workouts. Find a nice air conditioned gym and play it safe from the dangerous heat.

Stay hydrated: Hydration is critical no matter how hot it is outside. However, if you are working out on a hot day, the intense sweating means your body is losing fluids twice as fast. Always hydrate before and during working out, and do not simply wait until you are feeling thirsty to start throwing back that H2O. 

Hydration is a combination of water and electrolytes. Fruits and Veggies and a great source of those. Having a homemade shake or smoothie is a great way to properly hydrate before a workout. 

Quality over Quantity

You don’t need to run for miles and miles to reap the rewards of a good workout. Health benefits can be seen with workouts involving short bursts of high intensity followed by longer rest periods afterwards. In a study conducted by researchers at McMaster University, it was  found that an accumulated single minute of very high-intensity exercise has similar health benefits as longer traditional workouts. Example: 0:20 all out sprint on a recumbent bike followed by a 2-minute rest, 3 times. A workout like this could significantly reduce your time under the sun. 

Benefits to Outdoor Workouts

There are multiple benefits to exercising outdoors such as an improved form of running, cycling, and walking versus using a machine, positive mood from the sun and fresh air, and being able to workout longer due to more energy. So follow these tips during those hotter days to assure that you do not suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke while getting that outdoor workout.

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