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Friday Fun: Healthy Harmonies
April 2, 2016
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Coaching Corner: Serve More, Eat More, Lose Weight
April 2, 2016
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What does sustainability mean to us here at Hilton Head Health and what it should mean to you? In order to provide the best product to our guests we try to only get in what’s sustainable and what is close to our area, which can be pretty difficult when we are trying to also give variety.  All of our seafood comes from the Charleston, SC area up through the coasts of North Carolina.  The only fish that we clearly can’t get local is Salmon, which comes out of Boston.

With this being available to us, we are able to get fish from the waters to our prep tables within 24 hours.  That’s not saying that frozen fish is bad because if you live in places that are truly land locked it’s going to be harder to get some of that variety locally.  It helps the environment if we all chose to eat and shop this way.  In our society we think well, i want peaches tonight, knowing it’s not peach season but we buy them anyway, and chances are they aren’t as good as you thought they were going to be.  That’s why during peak seasons for fish, fruits, and vegetables, you load up on them.  I always think when I eat strawberries in December, they are nothing like eating strawberries in June or July. They are so plump, red and delicious it makes my mouth water.

Getting your fish, poultry, produce, and even dairy products from your local businesses is a great practice.  You potentially can see the company that makes your cheese and then find out which farms that dairy is coming from.  Or maybe you know the docks that your local market get their fish from.  This is more of a lifestyle to choose and can be a very healthy lifestyle.  Remember its quality and not quantity.  The value is how good it is for your body and how good it is for your environment.

With a more seasonal and local push, get to know which farms your produce come from and maybe get to know the people on the docks catching your fish or even raising your beef and chickens.   Home is always close to the heart so keep that heart healthy and shop close to home!

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