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February 21, 2017
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February 24, 2017
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Is Snacking Synonymous with Junk food?

Registered Dietitian, Felicia Spence warns us on the dangers of snacking without a plan. Snacking has become something that we are constantly doing all day instead of just getting us to the next meal. 


According to Hartman Group, 50% of all eating occasions are snacks and 92% of us snack each day. Snacking is no longer to hold us over to the next meal but snacks have become replacement for meals. The culture of eating has changed even since the 1980s when according to NPD group 70% of Americans said they tried to avoid snacking all together. NPD categorizes snacks into sweet, savory, and better-for-you snacks- 68% of snacking occasions are coming from the sweet and savory category that includes candy, cookies, chips, crackers, and pretzels. According to how much we snack as a population and the categories we choose from we are choosing snacks that are processed and packaged, junk food. Instead of choosing a snack, choose a fitbite- a better-for-you food that is truest to nature; nuts, seeds, whole fruit, cut up vegetables, or hummus!


A rule of thumb is to have a fruit or vegetable with every eating occasion including a fit bite. If you typically have cheese and crackers, how can redefine that fit bite? Try these options, an apple with cheese or cucumbers with cheese, or spinach hummus and crackers.


Snacking Tips



At Hilton Head Health, we introduce our guests to a wide variety of healthy snack options that are meant to boost their energy and give them the nutrients they need to get them to their next meal. Everything from apples or oranges to no bake oat bites and the ever-so-popular peanut butter hummus, the Fitbite station is the perfect place to come to enjoy a snack without falling off track. Losing weight is an equation of working out and eating right, if we are eating junk food all day and consuming a larger amount of calories than we are burning, then we will not see the weight loss, and health success we are striving for.


Plan out your snacks like you would meal plan. This way you do not have to worry about falling into the trap of grabbing a highly processed food item, such as a bag od chips or seemingly healthy granola bar. Use our Fitbite station as inspiration and come to Hilton Head Health for more healthy eating tips.