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April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016
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The Perks of Motherhood

I love my traditional Mother’s Day scenario… the chaos as my kids prepare me breakfast in bed while I yell from my room for them to quit fighting. The silliness of getting hand-picked azaleas from my neighbor’s front yard that are covered in microscopic red bugs; and precious, hand-made cards that left a trail of glitter from one end of the house to another. It really never gets old.

The gifts, as well as the breakfast, have gotten better over the years. Coupons for free hugs have graduated to fun jewelry hand-selected by my very discerning daughters and a bowl of cereal has progressed to Belgian waffles (not the frozen ones either).

This year I’m adding a new twist to the ritual. I’ve been reflecting lately on what an honor and a gift it is to be a mother to my two children. They make me a better person.

Not necessarily because they demand it, they don’t. It just goes with having a desire to do the job well. If you want to raise good children that hopefully become well-adjusted, happy adults, then you have to model and teach them the core values you hold true. In other words, my children make me “step-up my game”.

I am gladly taking the yearly recognition this Sunday but adding to that a purposeful acknowledgement of how my job as a mother makes me strive to be someone I like. Of course a motherhood perk is the unfathomable amount of love both given and received, but it’s actually more than that (if you can imagine). I want my children to be healthy, kind, compassionate and fearless. In order for that to happen, I have to teach them how to be all those things.

Therefore, my job as a mother requires constant learning and training on how to be the solid, well-rounded person that I eventually want my children to be. What a gift! I get fed with love just for working on being a healthy, kind, compassionate and fearless individual.

So, as I am showered with attention and affection this Mother’s Day, I will secretly hold in my heart the knowledge that the real gift isn’t the necklace and Belgian waffles; but the job of motherhood, itself.