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April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016
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The Transformation Continues: The Indigo Spa

There are many personal benefits and rewards that come from working at Hilton Head Health. One that I find particularly valuable is that the job keeps me honest. The old adage, “Do as I say and not as I do,” is not an acceptable standard at H3. In order to help others, I have to walk the walk. As a result, I often recognize the advice I’m giving others as some that I need to be living myself.


Melt into Serenity

Rewind to yesterday when I melted into serenity while receiving an Indigo Moon, French lavender massage at Hilton Head Health’s new Indigo Spa. As I welled-up with joy during this 50-minute physical, mental, emotional and spiritual nurturance, I was reminded of why so many people pilgrimage to Hilton Head Health, and why it was my turn to experience the magic.

H3 is a place where many guests take the first step toward making themselves a priority. They are mothers that have taken care of everyone else but themselves for years; fathers and husbands who have sacrificed their health to achieve career success and provide for their families; adult kids that have been caring for aging parents; and students that have focused all their energy on academic achievement.

“A large percentage of our guests are people who have woken up to realize that somewhere along the line they put their health on hold, or the perpetual demands of life have caused them to abandon their passions.”

The Value of Touch

As I experienced the value of touch, the delight of pleasant fragrances, stillness, and the calming influence of soothing music during my massage, I was reminded that the needs of my career and parenting had benched my own self- nurturance. The Indigo Moon massage was not a luxury, as some would have me believe, it was a needed reset button. Granted, it was a kind reset button – a stressed induced illness could have provided a similar wake-up call.  All the same, it prompted me to slow things down a bit to give my mind, body and spirit much needed love.

Speaking of love, I love the spa’s tagline “The Transformation Continues.”  If transformation refers to the desire for a healthier and happier life, then spa services are the scenic path along that journey. Massage alone has many proven health benefits such as help with anxiety, digestive disorders, headaches and insomnia, just to name a few. Visit the Mayo Clinic for more, in-depth information on the health benefits of massage..

The Tranformation Does Continue

“Indeed, the transformation does continue because doing something nice for yourself creates a healthy mindset that carries over into the remainder of your day.”

It’s impossible to get a massage and then want to go out and wreck your body with unhealthy food or dysfunctional living. A massage is an expression of gratitude towards your body and gratitude for your body is a down-payment on protecting it.

So now that I have re-awakened to the awareness that whole-health includes doing caring things for my body, I am sure that I will make good use of our beautiful new spa (next on the list is the Healing Ocean Escape 80-minute massage and exfoliation). I hope you will join me in doing the same. I promise you will not regret it. The transformation really does continue…

Explore the Hilton Head Health Indigo Spa brochure of services here and take that first step towards your transformation.