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March 6, 2017
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March 6, 2017
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The Value of a Registered Dietitian


Registered Dietitians are your source for good, evidence-based nutrition information.

Registered Dietitian, Felicia SpenceYou may refer to us as Nutritionists but we are so much more than that. All RD’s must have a BS in a Nutrition, 1,200 hours of supervised practice, and pass a registration exam. To keep the credentialing up-to-date, a RD has to complete 75 credits of continuing education every five years. A person who calls themselves a nutritionist do not have to meet the rigorous education requirements of a Registered Dietitian.

We, as a profession, support the client with the help of their General Practitioner or Specialist. RD’s have the education, time, and skills to help a client become an informed nutrition consumer. We don’t tell you what to do, we promote choices that support your health. Registered Dietitians are your source for good, evidence-based nutrition information.


The RD credential allows the professional to choose what area of specialty they want to pursue in their career, just like a nurse or doctor has the opportunity to hone a skill. As for me, I have chosen to specialize in Adult Weight Management and Obesity. The continuing education, I completed a certificate of training in Adult Weight Management in October of 2016, and experience provides me with the tools to better communicate nutrition messages.


At Hilton Head Health (H3), I provide 1-on-1 consultations that range from general nutrition to specific chronic disease states like diabetes, privates can also be used for individualized meal planning. A great offering here is the ‘Smart Cart’ in which we head to the supermarket to get hands-on nutrition education. I teach lectures like mindful eating, meal planning, making peace with carbs and nutrition for an active lifestyle. When I am not guest facing I work with Chef Karla, Food Service Director, on menu development and ongoing nutrition support for culinary staff. My job is to ensure nutrition quality and that you eat not only good tasting food but the best for you food.


Nutrition is important to our quality of life and the message I want to relay to anyone I speak with is that good nutrition is achievable, that small changes can lead to healthy outcomes. No, we are not the food police, we are here to help. If you are confused or have questions about nutrition look for the “RD” credentials because they are going to be your best bet for reliable information.