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4 Healthy Tips to Simplify your Life
April 2, 2016
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Fit Trends for the Spring
April 2, 2016

by Fitness Coach Chris Varano

running, fall fitness

Now that the heat of summer is almost over, getting back outside and doing some longer runs will be much more enjoyable.  Even with the cooler weather, there are still important training tips to follow:

    1. Even though the days are not as hot, staying hydrated is key.  You may not feel as thirsty but remembering to drink every couple of miles or planning your runs around drinking fountains is a good plan of action.
    2. Dressing appropriately for the longer run can be a challenge too.  You might feel a bit chilly when you first head out the door but be careful to not overdress.  You should wear clothing that you will be comfortable in for the end of your run, not the beginning.  Wearing light, removable layers will enable you to dress down as your body warms up.
    3. The shorter days can mean you might be running in the dark of early morning or twilight.  Making sure you’re visible to traffic and other people are important.  Wear reflective clothing, use glow sticks or carry a flashlight with you.

Running in cooler weather is always more fun and can enable you to increase your miles, build endurance and stamina following these great tips will keep you on the right track.

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