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Mindful Eating in Social Situations
April 2, 2016
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Friday Fitness: Grab Your Bike & Go!
April 2, 2016
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Embracing The Uncomfortable


Uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable is an adjective that can mean a few things:  experiencing physical discomfort; uneasy or ill at ease; causing anxiety; experiencing discomfort caused by stress or strain.  We have all felt this before and most people would agree that it isn’t a fun feeling.  However, embracing and accepting that feeling of discomfort is what makes us BETTER in the long run—even if there is an “I can’t do this” or negative outlook at the situation at hand…turn a difficult situation into a positive opportunity.

FITNESS:  Monday mornings I attend the 6:00 am CrossFit group class.  This past Monday’s strength piece (back squats, barbell on the back, 3 sets until fatigue– rest 60 seconds in between sets) was brutal.  Everyone’s legs, including mine, felt like Jello.  After 59 squats, I started the conditioning portion of the class.  It pushed everyone to the point that 75% of the group was lying on the floor from pure exhaustion (I was one of them).   I heard someone tell our head strength trainer and programmer, “thanks for that.”  He responded perfectly“it sucks getting better, doesn’t it?”  In order to reach our fitness goals, we have to be willing to get outside of our comfort zone.  Getting better is hard, but it makes the outcome special.  It means crossing the finish line, completing a push up or being capable of reaching your toes is the byproduct of your perseverance throughout your training.

NUTRITION: You get through an evening without binging.  You are invited to a nice dinner, but are afraid that it is going to set you back.  You decide to give up diet soda and drink water instead—something so simple but easier said than done.  You have a “bad” day of eating and think you’ve blown it.  Talk about some uncomfortable and anxious moments.  At Hilton Head Health we know going home is challenging.  We know cooking 5 nights out of the week is a huge success.  We understand most everyone is battling to either lose weight or maintain the weight loss—it can be a tough journey.  However, getting back on track, developing a healthier relationship with food and getting through tempting food situations are all VICTORIES.  It makes those uncomfortable moments worth it in the end… we are able to strategize, plan ahead, and set boundaries.  Again, it makes us better.

SELF:  Conversations centered on setting boundaries.  Accepting a new, yet challenging job; moving your family to a different city; changing careers; being a single, working mom.  Realizing there are certain relationships that could be destroying or sabotaging your personal health goals.  I am so thankful the guests have Lisette here.  She is such an asset to H3’s program—I would recommend you read her blogs.  If you are struggling at home then reach out to get support—even if it is just a listening ear with someone you trust.  I love when Lisette talks about “sitting in your emotion” during her Stress and Emotional Eating lecture.  She then proceeds to encourage us to “put your emotion at the altar.”  This is truly grasping the concept of embracing the uncomfortable.

 “In order to get from what was to what will be, you must go through what is.”  Anonymous