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Wellness Wednesday: 6 Rules of Life
April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016
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Wellness Wednesday: Health Benefits of Walking


This coming Saturday, October 5th, is Hilton Head Health’s 4th annual Devin’s Dash 5k Walk/Run & Crossfit WOD. This event is in memory of Gregory ‘Devin’ Sheaffer, a massage therapist, friend, and family member of the Hilton Head Health team. If you are unable to attend this year’s event, we invite you to walk/run a 5k distance at 8 am on Saturday, October 5th wherever you are at in spirit of such an unforgettable person; whether that be in your neighborhood, at a nearby park or on a treadmill.

Walking is one of the easiest, and possibly one of the most beneficial healthy habits one can add into his or her life. The National institute of medicine says that, on average, adults gain 1 to 3 pounds a year. When broken down, this adds up to an excess of 10 to 30 calories/day. Walking an extra mile/day (about 2,000 steps) burns an average of 100 calories and would be more than enough to compensate those excess calories. Researchers are also finding that an additional 6,000 steps (about the distance of Devin’s Dash 5k) each day is the point when weight loss starts to become most effective, assuming it is done alongside healthy eating habits like portion control, mindful eating, or many of the other habits you learned while at H3. Some other long term benefits of walking include;

– reduces risk of diabetes

– strengthens your heart

– improves cognitive function

– reduces risk of osteoporosis

– reduces risk of certain cancers (Ex: breast and colon)

– improves physical function

– speeds up metabolism

Whether it be in person or in spirit, we look forward to having you participate in the 4th annual Devin’s Dash 5k walk/run & WOD!!

Make sure to sign up for Devins Dash!

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