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Fitness Friday: Sitting Less + Exercise = Feeling Better
April 2, 2016
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April 2, 2016
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Wellness Wednesday: More on Weighing In

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Back in April, I wrote a blog article (Weighing In) that shared some of the insights revealed during my weekend seminar on Weight Mapping.  This past weekend we had some more Ah-Hah moments worth sharing.  

More Ah-Hahs from Weight Mapping:

    • Steady weight gain is often experienced by individuals who have never placed a lot of focus on their weight.  Other things in life have always taken priority, whether it be a career, family, volunteering, etc.  These individuals often find success by making a series of small sustainable changes towards a healthy lifestyle.  Big, fast change does not lead to adherence long term.
    • While for some, the gaining phase of weight cycling can be associated with stress or disturbance in routine of some kind, for others, complacence or a lifestyle with too much routine can also trigger weight gain.  Work towards a balance of routine mixed with a little excitement or challenges from time to time.
    • Particularly for some women, there may be an inner conflict when weighing the pros and cons of losing the weight.  Extra body weight can represent feelings of protection (from being physically attacked), authority or strength (in the home or in the workplace) and even intelligence (acceptance from peers).  For some, self-worth and self-esteem may actually be higher with a higher body weight.  For these individuals, separating self-esteem / personal confidence from the weight on the scale is a critical factor no Fad diet will ever address.
    • A healthy weight throughout our lifetime has to survive through pregnancies, job changes, cancer, family losses, and travel, annual holidays… the list goes on and on.  Fad diets or spontaneous attempts to get healthy just don’t go the distance.  It requires a healthy lifestyle approach, with active support from your spouse or others in your life.  Do it together, and do it forever.

A special thanks to all the guests who shared their story in the seminar.  Now it’s your turn – what have you learned about your weight patterns, and more importantly, how have you found success? Share with us!  Comment here on the blog or join the conversation on Facebook.