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Tis’ the season: It’s grilling time!
April 2, 2016
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Eat your fruits and veggies
April 2, 2016
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Wellness Wednesday: POWER OF PERCEPTION


What is perception?  A simple way to describe perception is the way we think about or understand someone or something.  Once we understand or believe a certain way about that something or someone.   THEN, what we do with that information is what matters.   Think about the handshake.  It is part of the first impression… if the shake is limp it may send a message of disinterest or lack of confidence while a squeeze-until-it-hurts handshake comes across as dominate and lets just be honest… downright painful.  One’s natural reaction to the “hand-breaker” may be intimidation, avoidance, fear, etc.

Since being at H3, one thing that I have learned in regards to perceptions is context is everything.   Remember when you have come to Hilton Head Health… perhaps your intention of coming was to lose weight and improve your physical fitness while focusing on yourself for the first time in years.  The day-to-day offerings, lectures and classes here speak volumes in how you may perceive weight loss, fitness and future food choices.  A few examples:

    • We serve our main meals on a 10-inch plate (smaller than what you would regularly find).  The intention is to visually satisfy you by filling the plate with healthy portions of whole foods.  In turn, you go home and purchase the 10-inch plate and actually use it.
    • You hear Lisette speak about sugar and its negative side effects on the brain and downward spiral of unhealthy food choices—this basic understanding may motivate you to go home and throw out all of your 24-packs of soda, yes…even the diet varieties.
    • Our daily metabomeals/snacks are not focused on energy bars, juices, or processed foods.  We want to send the message that it is better to stick with whole foods.
    • We now offer 25-minute high intensity fitness classes.  Why?? We want you to recognize and understand that getting in at least 25-30 minutes of moderate to high physical activity is a great thing.

To sum things up, I want you to think about your personal perceptions and how you understand what is going on in your home, work and social life.  How do you perceive yourself?  Are you in denial about unhealthy behaviors such as eating in the middle of the night?  Are you avoiding exercise because you don’t believe you can do it? Are you following a particular fad diet because you perceive it as the answer to your weight loss journey?  If you have been to Hilton Head Health before, now is the time to re-engage what you learned.  You have what it takes.  We believe in you and want you to succeed at home.  We believe you all give the perfect handshake 🙂