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August 24, 2016
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Why Having a Dog is Good for your Health

Research has shown that there are in fact many health benefits to having a dog. Dogs make us happy and can improve our moods, lower the risk of  health problems such as high blood pressure. They relieve stress, and above all, they help and motivate us to stay active! 

Here at H3, we have a few employees that have embraced the dog life. We asked them how their four-legged friends have helped them stay active.

You Always Have a Workout Partner

Having a four-legged friend means that you have the ultimate running, walking, jogging, playing, anything partner. Research shows that dog owners walk on average an hour more than non-dog owners a day. A dog needs exercise Dogs are good for your healthjust like we do! Having a furry companion to remind us that it’s time to go on  that walk could be just the push,or pull we need to stay active.

They Help you Maintain a Workout Routine

Chef Karla Williams has a busy schedule of cooking delicious meals and educating H3 guests on healthy cooking and eating. However, she always finds time for her and her dog, Lucy’s exercise. “Every day, she requires at least a 20-minute walk, which is what I always need at the end or beginning of my day,” said Karla.  “I love it because I Dogs are Activeget to spend time with her and getting out in the fresh air feels so good mid-week.” Living on the beautiful Hilton Head Island also has its perks when having a dog that is full of energy. 

“Lucy is jam packed full of energy… all of the time! She keeps me moving!”

They Make you Appreciate the Outdoors 

“Every weekend we go to the beach together, it’s a great opportunity for her to run and it allows me time to stroll and relax. If it weren’t for her I would hardly go to the beach, just because I wouldn’t make time for it. I am so happy we have that beach time together.”

They are Great for Your Social Life

Karla is also reaping other benefits like having a better social life with Lucy.

“Also, we have  scheduled play-dates. It’s a great way for her to play and have fun, and I get to have fun with my friends. Win, win! “

One of the play-dates that Karla schedules is with Senior VP of Hospitality, Jill Boyd and her dogs, Maci and H3 Employee DogsPoggi. 

They Keep you Active and Happy

“I am always making sure my dogs are staying active and happy, and in return, I stay active and happy.” Jill often goes home on her lunch break to walk Maci and Poggi and they are a big fan of their beach days as well. 

They are a Part of Your Family

Spa Manager, Kelly Perron is perhaps one of the biggest dog lovers around. She and her husband have embraced the dog-life and feel like their pup, Bogey is part of the family. While Bogey will always be their first baby, Kelly and her husband are expecting another baby to join the family soon. It’s more important than ever that Kelly stays active and healthy while she is pregnant and Bogey has been there to help.H3 Employee Dogs

“Bogey has helped me stay active through pregnancy by us going on walks together every morning and every night. On the days that I am extra tired or not feeling that great I still get my steps in because I want him to be able to get some exercise! Prior to being pregnant Bogey and I would run together, at one point I had him trained to be able to run up to 6 miles.”

Exercising is Fun with A Dog

Having a dog is a lot of responsibility. However, if you are up for the task, a dog could bring joy, happiness, and an active lifestyle your way! Having a dog can make exercising and staying healthy not seem so RUFF!