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August 15, 2016
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Why is Laughter Good for You

They say that laughter can be the best medicine. However, how accurate is that? Why is laughter good for your health both physically and mentally?

Here are 5 ways that laughter is good for you:

1. It’s similar to a workout: 

According to research quoted on WebMD, laughter increases the oxygen flow to our tissues and is actually a way to burn calories. While you may not be able to supplement your daily workout with the giggles, it is a great way to increase your heart rate quickly. 

2. Leads to Relaxation and Better Sleep

Some studies suggest that the stress-relieving effects of laughter could lead to better relaxation and sleep. 

3. Boosts Immune System

Research has been done to prove that laughter could counter against high stress which could lead to a weaker immune system. Therefore, laughter could really be accredited to improving and boosting your immune system.

4. Improves your Memory

Laughter could improve your memory. According to research, laughter could help synchronize our brain’s neuronal activity, by inducing certain gamma waves. 

5. Makes you Feel Good

Laughter releases endorphins which make your body feel good and could help relieve pain. According to research, laughter could help leave your body relaxed for a good 45 minutes. 

Laughing may not be the BEST medicine, but it is certainly not the worst. So go be happy and healthy and have a good laugh!