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August 9, 2016
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Breakfast for Champions
August 15, 2016

Dr. Rhonda Sutton is H3’s new Wellness Coach with a unique teaching philosophy. She will be leading classes and inspiring guests to realize their full potential and their ability to change. We asked Dr. Rhonda to share what her inspiration has been for one of her phrases,  “Will to W.I.N.(What’s Important Now)” .

What is W.I.N.

A few years back, I read Lou Holtz’s book, “Winning Every Day.”  Coach Holtz is famous for his leadership in college football as he is the only college football coach to lead six different programs to bowl games as well as the only coach to guide four different programs to the final top 20 rankings.  He is best known for his time at Notre Dame, with a 12-0 during the 1988 season and, that same year, winning the Fiesta Bowl.  One of the most resounding lessons I learned from this book was not a statement Coach Holtz made but rather a question he asked – and one that he is famous for asking his football players:  What’s Important Now? (WIN).  Coach Holtz would remind his Notre Dame team to ask themselves the WIN question throughout the day so that they would focus on what was important at that moment in time – being in class, working out in the weight room, practicing out on the field, playing a football game, or even being in situations where they needed to think about a choice that may impact their college careers (think after game party or being offered financial incentives).

W.I.N and Mindfulness

From my perspective, WIN is actually a form of mindfulness due to its reminder to focus and be aware of what is happening now.  Thinking WIN helps us to take the moment we need to stop and consider what we are doing AND what the best choices would be.  It also helps us to prioritize what we need to do and how to best accomplish what our goals are.  How often do we plan to spend time with family but end up texting on the phone rather than engaging in conversation?  Or go to exercise and spend the whole time worrying about a work-related issue?  Or even go to the kitchen to eat – with the best of intentions – and find ourselves munching from a bag of barbecue potato chips?  When we focus our mind on the here and now, we are in more control of our thoughts.  ‘I’ is our thoughts that lead to our behaviors and actions.  WIN is an easy way to think – what is important to me right now?  What is the best decision I can make, and where do I need to focus my attention at this time?  Keep in mind that  all of the decisions we make add up; therefore, using WIN helps us to make the better choices for both the present that will, in turn, impact our future.

Get out there and W.I.N.

We all face a number of decisions every day that can have long-lasting influences on our health, our careers, ourselves and our lives.  I encourage you to WIN by incorporating this simple philosophy from Coach Holtz.  Pause, focus and decide What’s Important Now so that you continue to have the will to WIN.