Hilton Head Health: All-Inclusive
Weight Loss And Wellness Resort

For over forty years, our world-renowned resort on Hilton Head Island has helped thousands of guests lose weight and find lasting wellness with custom fitness plans, nutritional workshops, gourmet cuisine, and our rejuvenating spa. That’s just part of the reason we’ve been recognized by so many wellness and travel experts.

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2019 & 2020

"This is not a diet, this is how everyone should be living”

Ann Basta

Hilton Head Health Guest

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Our guests love their experience at Hilton Head Health, too!
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We offer a medically-based whole health approach to weight loss that addresses mental and physical challenges to help you achieve real results. You can experience our extended Stay Residential Program that can change your life as you practice healthy eating and exercise behaviors while you explore the mental, environmental and social factors that impact your weight and health. Or try our comprehensive four-week LoseWell residential weight loss program.