Corporate Wellness Retreats

Live Well. Lead Well.

Today, the best places to work focus as much on providing benefits that inspire, motivate, and retain top talent as they do on providing quality products and services. These companies know that both are essential to their bottom line. The evidence is clear that a corporate wellness retreat translates into reduced stress, higher job satisfaction, healthier work and family relationships, decreases in healthcare costs, and greater personal satisfaction for employees.

Hilton Head Health has delivered an innovative approach to personal and corporate wellness for more than 42 years. Our team of wellness coaches, personal trainers, and nutritionists will work to tailor a program to meet you and your company’s wellness goals.

As a leader of your organization, you can help your colleagues and associates change their lives – and your organization – for the better. A group retreat at Hilton Head Health can foster connections among your team members that will help them work and communicate more effectively. It can also assist individual team members achieve their fitness goals, manage stress, and improve self-image.

Whether you choose Hilton Head Health for a team-building getaway, organization retreat, or just as a reward for a job well done, your group will emerge stronger, more focused, and more connected.

To learn more and to inqure about our corporate retreats, please contact us directly.

Create Your Corporate Wellness Experience

Corporate Wellness Retreat

Corporate Wellness Retreat

Wellness Retreat

Whether you’re looking for a healthy social getaway, a networking retreat, a unique venue to host a corporate event, or a professional development workshop, Hilton Head Health can customize your group’s experience for a truly unique empowering experience.


Gift of Wellness

Gift of Wellness

Offering your employees a stay at Hilton Head Health might be used in place of a corporate wellness program, or to supplement your existing program. The residential wellness experience allows the employee to feel what it’s like to live in healthy balance so that it feels more natural when they return to their daily routine. We will meet them where they are and help guide them towards their goals.

Healthy Dining & Cooking

Our upscale dining experience at True offers a blend of traditional favorites made healthy with cultural dishes and local fare. Plus, Hilton Head Health's chef will teach your team to create flavorful meals with cooking classes and demonstrations in the Healthy Kitchen.

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Corporate Wellness Retreat

Meeting Spaces

Meeting Spaces

We have spaces available for your team to hold company-specific meetings and activities throughout your stay. Spaces include:• 75 Person Lecture Hall • 40 Person Meeting Space • 10 Person Conference Room


At Hilton Head Health’s all-inclusive weight loss and wellness programs, you will reside in comfortable 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom villas with private bedrooms and baths and well-appointed common living areas. You may opt for sharing accommodations for added support or private villa accommodations for your personal retreat. Prepare to enjoy a first-rate weight loss resort and wellness spa!

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You focus on your weight loss and wellness goals and we’ll take care of the rest. Hilton Head Health’s comprehensive weight loss and wellness programs are all-inclusive and include transportation. Our drivers will provide you round trip transportation to our renowned East Coast Island resort with a shuttle from Savannah International (SAV) or Hilton Head Island (HHH) airports between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm on Sunday and Wednesday. Plus, they are available upon request for Island shuttles during business hours.