Overcoming Emotional Eating Workshop

What are you really hungry for? 

Do you use food to cope with stress or eat when emotionally upset? 

Do you struggle with auto-pilot and/or nighttime overeating?

Do you have feelings of food addiction or feel out of control around certain foods?

If any of the above questions relate to you – you are not alone. H3 is excited to announce a women’s only special workshop facilitated by our Wellness Counselor and emotional and binge eating psychology specialist, Erin Risius.


Often, we turn to diets or the unreliable willpower to get ‘control’ of our eating patterns, but the diet/restrictive approach is not sustainable and only adds fuel to the fire when it comes to feeling stuck in unhealthy behaviors. The key is to find your personal ‘middle ground’ with eating patterns and to hop off the teeter-totter of the all-or-nothing approach to food choices.

We invite you to join us for an intimate and powerful group experience focused on helping people to better understand the root of their eating patterns. You will receive valuable education, group support, and experiential activities for practicing key tools for:

– Mindful eating for appetite awareness
– Mindful movement for overall body awareness
– Surfing the urge to eat when not physically hungry
– Prioritizing self-care at home
– Recognizing and effectively managing emotional triggers in the moment


This workshop will allow you to take a breather from your home environment and to cultivate your own personalized plan for better managing not only your food choices but your overall health and well-being in a safe and supportive environment.

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Workshop Facilitators

Erin Risius

Erin Risius

Erin helps you remove what’s getting in your way. Erin’s passion for health psychology, with an emphasis on weight stigma and its impact on body image and eating and exercise behavior, led her to Regis University to pursue her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology. Erin’s empathetic and encouraging approach makes her seminars and consultations both personal and empowering. Her specialties include compulsive overeating, feelings of food addiction, and binge eating.

Lisette Cifaldi

Lisette Cifaldi

Earning her undergraduate degree in Psychology, a Masters in Social Work and having received extensive training at the Harvard Mind/Body Medical Institute, prepared Lisette for an amazing career path which included a position as the Director of Behavioral Health for Hilton Head Health. Her specialties include food addiction recovery coaching, advocacy and education.

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*This special retreat is available to previous and new guests alike. Call our Program Consultant for more information on availability and workshop rate.