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Our Executive Health Retreat provides an escape to turn down the noise of your work life and to dial in on your abilities to create an environment for prioritizing self-care. For those of you who would describe yourself as “married to your work”, this retreat is for you. Learn key strategies on how to prioritize your health and wellness instead of it being the first thing you sacrifice.


All projects have starting points. Our Executive Health Screening assessments will look at basic health markers, along with some behavioral assessments that will help identify areas for optimizing your overall health. Apply this baseline data to identify strengths and areas for improvement, just as you would in your business. This data will help you to create a realistic plan of action, which will help you to set yourself up for short and long-term success. The Executive Health Screening includes:

• Pre-Arrival Consultation with a Certified Health Coach
• Health Assessment (assesses blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, triglycerides, resting heart rate, weight, and circumference measurements)
• Functional Movement Screening (assesses tightness/weakness and symmetry within the muscular system)
• Body Composition and Metabolic Assessment
• Comprehensive Fitness Assessment
• Nutrition Assessment
• Work-Life Balance Assessment


Use the information learned in the assessment phase to drive your action plan while here and at home. The immersion experience will allow you to practice your new behaviors in a controlled environment while building self-confidence for when you return to home and work. You will be exposed to:
• Mindful eating
• Nutrition and calorie awareness in True Dining
• Cooking class
• Meal planning class
• Stress management techniques
• Optional group meditation sessions and/or a private meditation session
• Restorative Yoga classes
• Mindful movement
• Myofascial release instruction for injury prevention and muscle recovery
• Special focus on topics such as:
• Getting Better Sleep
• Alcohol and Weight Management
• Restaurant Eating
• Effective Stress Management
• Variety of Fitness Classes to help you find your Fitness Personality
• Recommendations include Treading, TRX Tabata, Dance, Aquatics, Resistance Band, and Cardio Boxing


Our team will work with you to create an action plan that is proactive and aligned with your lifestyle, and personal health and wellness goals, including:
• Exercise Prescription (adaptable for various environments, including travel)
• Work-Life Balance Consultation
• Personalized Nutrition Guidelines Consultation


As much as you may try, we won’t let you leave without a few sessions of pure enjoyment. Take these moments to soak it in and pamper yourself and to enjoy what Hilton Head Island has to offer:
• Recreation activity (Choose from kayaking, golf, tennis, and more!)
• $300 Indigo Spa credit to be used for the services of your choice

Executive Health Retreat Rates

High Season 2020

December 29 - June 27

September 20 - November 21

$5,000 / week

Save with our Special Offers
Early Bird*: $3,750/week
First Time Guest: $4,250/week
Returning Guest: $4,000/week

Includes $300 Spa Credit

Low Season 2020

June 28 - September 19

November 22 - December 26

$4,800 / week

Save with our Special Offers
Early Bird*: $3,600/week
First Time Guest: $4,080/week
Returning Guest: $3,840/week
Includes $300 Spa Credit

Call (866) 366-9208 to book your retreat!

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Whether you are looking to start with the basics or want to advance and broaden your fitness approach we have what you need. At Hilton Head Health you can experience up to 50 different exercise options in a beautiful island setting. Our experts teach classes that are challenging and fun for all fitness levels to deliver a personalized and comprehensive wellness program.

Healthy Eating

Eating well means exceptional taste and nutrition. You get them both at Hilton Head Health. Healthy cuisine is prepared by our gourmet chef. Dine with us and learn to prepare truly delicious and nutritious food sourced from fresh local East Coast ingredients.

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Wellness Education and Activities

Learn from world-class educators about the latest in healthy living. Join a Chef’s Table or cooking demonstration in our Healthy Kitchen or go on a kayaking excursion with a Lowcountry naturalist. Hilton Head Health’s knowledge is your power.

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At Hilton Head Health’s all-inclusive weight loss and wellness programs you will get away to comfortable 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom villas with private bedrooms and baths and well-appointed common living areas. You may opt for sharing accommodations for added support or private villa accommodations for more solitude. Prepare to enjoy a first-rate weight loss resort and wellness spa!

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Early Bird Promotion requires booking your reservation 60+ days in advance, subject to availability.
**Prices above reflect a private bedroom and bath in a shared 3-bedroom villa (up to 3 participants per unit). Upgrade to a 2-bedroom villa (2 participants per unit) for less than $40 per night. If you are interested in reserving private or pet-friendly accommodations, call for pricing and availability.