LynnAnn CovellLynnAnn has 26 years of experience as a residential weight loss center Fitness Director and L.I.F.E. Coach, and is best known for her inspiring and motivational approach for helping people to discover a fitness style that they can sustain and enjoy.

LynnAnn Covell is coming back to Hilton Head Health! Plan your trip around the following dates to be here with LynnAnn.

February 23rd – March 7th
May 24th – June 6th
September 20th – October 3rd
November 8th – November 21st

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Classes Include:

Total Body Tabata: Learn how to change the way you think about exercise using H.I.I.T (High-Intensity Interval Training). Learn how to use quality, not quantity to get the workout you need in a 30-minute time frame! Use (Efficient, effective metabolic boosted movement) Learn moves and modifications needed to get (YOUR) Total Body Tabata workout. Completing 20 seconds of movement followed by 10 seconds of rest.

How Any BODY Can Exercise: To modify traditional exercises (or) cardiovascular movements in an alternative, safe manner. Increase the ability to engage in exercise without discomfort, awkwardness or fear. Learn “SAFE” practices for sitting, getting out of a chair, standing and getting up and down off the floor in an unconventional way. Everyone’s body is different! Your Pace is THE PACE! Acquire “take-home” packet with pictures and descriptions of modifications learned.

Walk Of Mindfulness: Learn mindfulness skills without having to make time for formal practice.

Spinal Stabilization Exercises: Learn proper form and body alignment for daily living, as well as safe postural alignment while performing back strengthening exercises.

Morning Jumpstart: “The Morning Jumpstart” is a class where the action “meets” the message. Gain flexibility, strength, balance, and agility in a realistic, safe workout using no additional weights or resistance. This class embodies the “Something is better than nothing” analogy.

Moving through Exercise Barriers: Identify past obstacles and habits that prevented success in exercising on a regular basis and create innovative ways to stay focused and on track back at home. Increase confidence and progress. Learn how the application of the “interval principal” as well as how changing the modality can prevent plateaus. Learn to maintain healthy habits with confidence as you progress thru the program, and after departure.

Cardio Fitball: Improve both Cardiovascular and strength endurance through low impact movements on the ball and standing. Come enjoy a fun, new way to get in some cardio without having to be on your feet so much!

Ultimate Core: Learn the skills to work the core in a fun and challenging circuit modality. Become proficient in every move. There is a modification to custom fit the workout to each participant. Learn how to use all the tools at the gym to your advantage. This class will incorporate Fiballs, Bosu trainers, Gliding discs, Bender Balls and more!

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*This special retreat is available to previous and new guests alike. Call our Program Consultant for more information on availability and workshop rate.