From 2020 to 2021, Alli Neff has lost 100 pounds, an accomplishment she says came about because of lots of small behavioral changes she worked on along the way.

Neff, 30, weighed nearly 250 pounds in 2015, when she was asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding. Not wanting to stand as part of the wedding party at that weight, Neff enlisted the help of Hilton Head Health

I have always been overweight, I've always been the fat friend and after going to Hilton Head Health in 2015, I did end up losing 50 pounds before that wedding, but my why was all wrong and how I did it was all wrong. I was really only externally motivated by being in that one wedding, and being at my heaviest weight, even losing 50 pounds I still hated the way I looked. I saw the photos (from the wedding) and quickly entered 'f--- it' mode and started eating everything again and going back to all my old habits.

There were a lot of really hard behavioral changes that needed to happen. If I'm being honest with myself, I just don’t think I was in a mental place where I was ready to make those changes. I was done being the fat kid and I just wanted to lose weight by my birthday. I wanted to be thriving in my 30s.

There’s this quote they said that really stuck with me: "If you get a flat tire, what do you do? Do you slash your other three tires? Or do you fix your one tire and keep moving?" In those 'flat tire' moments, when you've eaten something that's not great for you or you've gained a few pounds, do you just slash your other tires and eat pizza and have dessert after? Or do you get back to it, fix that tire and get back on the road?

You are not stuck in your own body. You have the power to make the change, you just have to choose to do it.


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