As I approached my 50th birthday, I considered how I should celebrate the milestone. I had spent years as a single parent making choices based on my son’s best interests, often sacrificing my own needs along the way. I had a love/hate relationship with diet and exercise – basically, I loved food and I hated the gym. But I decided it was time for a change.

Early last year I began taking nutrition classes and then underwent Inverted Gastric Sleeve surgery. I chose this procedure based on the minimal risks and the high probability of success. In the first six months, I lost 60 pounds, but I eventually plateaued. I was relying primarily on modified eating habits and still living a relatively sedentary lifestyle. I realized it was time for another change.

I knew I would be on my own for a few weeks this summer while my son traveled with friends, so I started researching vacation ideas for myself and I eventually chose Hilton Head Health (H3). From the moment I arrived until the moment I left, the staff at H3 made sure I had everything I needed. The food at H3 was incredible – the presentation, the nutritional content, and the availability – I never went hungry! I attended a handful of nutrition and wellness lectures and I learned where my food cravings stemmed from. These classes provided valuable insights into my triggers and cravings while helping me identify the good, bad, and ugly carbs.

The LivingWell program helped me rediscover my love of water activities, bodyweight exercises, and sunrise walks on the beach. It was a great reminder that exercise doesn’t have to always be in a gym!

I am so thankful for H3. I can honestly say it was the BEST DECISION I ever made! It was a healthy vacation where I worked out, ate well, and made several new friends. 


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