During her stay, Sarah underwent an extraordinary transformation, both mentally and physically. Upon her departure, she lost 75 pounds, but gained a new perspective on life and gained a level of confidence that she never had before. 

It was time to start taking time for myself. Finally. A new idea that was scary but necessary and once I felt that realization to my core and believed it, I started making changes to support that decision, support myself. I knew by going everything would change because it needed to change. I needed to change. It was an investment in myself like I have never invested before. But making the decision to do something for myself somewhere I had never been, alone and focusing on my goals and challenging myself was scary but so many of the necessary good things are. So, I jumped in to Hilton Head Health. I signed up. I put the day-to-day life on hold because I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to make changes to my life that would make the rest of my life better, I would be better for it. 

My thighs arent's the focus of this moment but instead the giant smile on my face. Do you see it? I was smiling so hard my cheeks hurt that day. This smile on this day is a different type of smile than I have ever smiled before and I feel differently than I ever have before. And you know what? It's not about the weight, it's about so much more. It's about strength, peace, and power. Here's to wishing you strength, peace, and power in your bodies no matter where you are on the journey and how you think you look in a bathing suit.

You may be reading this and think to yourself “I could never do that.”  

But I encourage you to think you can. I know change can be daunting to think about starting. Here is my suggestion for you: make a list. See who’s on it.  

Ask yourself these questions: 

Who is important to you?  

What is important to you? 

Who and what do you want to focus more on? 

Next step; adjust your life accordingly so you’re at the beginning of the list. 


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