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Hilton Head Health, voted America's #1 Weight Loss & Wellness Resort, is bringing their gold-standard wellness, weight loss, and fitness programs straight to your living room with Hilton Head Health ONDEMAND.

Research and traditional wisdom point to the fact that when we keep moving, we stay young. Movement and healthy lifestyle behaviors shift us from surviving to THRIVING and Hilton Head Health ONDEMAND is the perfect tool needed to make that shift.

Whether you’re new to exercise, compromised because of physical restrictions, or exercise regularly, our three-level fitness videos will work for you.

  • Our certified instructors specialize in fitness modifications to ensure safety, regardless of age or physical limitations. 
  • Our healthy and scrumptious cooking demonstrations feature recipes that promote longevity.
  • Our educational videos offer sound and researched information for whole, happy living.

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Hilton Head Health ONDEMAND Fitness

Move Well

Fun fitness videos designed for real people at all levels of activity that you can do right in your living room, designed for people of all ages and fitness levels!

Eat Well

Lectures that address the whats, whys and hows of nutrition. Includes cooking videos featuring delicious, simply prepared, whole foods and attached recipes. You'll be surprised at how much your attitude and quality of life can depend on your nutrition!

Be Well

Videos that help you overcome the mental obstacles that have kept you from making the changes you want to make.

REAL Weight Loss

A 16-week guided program that gives you everything you need for healthy, lasting weight loss results. REAL Weight Loss is free and is included in your subscription! 


“This truly did change our lifestyle. We are moving through clothing sizes at a rapid rate and it’s great to be going in the right direction!! My cholesterol is down 40 points and I have reduced my Lipitor from 20mg to 10mg daily and may be off it entirely after my annual physical."

Mimi and Phil Drew



"Struggling with weight issues has been the norm for most of my life, but I always managed to have good numbers where cholesterol and blood pressure were concerned. Then in October, that changed. I went to the doctor in charge of the training and asked him to take my blood pressure. It was 168! Before I even left the building I was on the phone to my own primary care physician making an appointment. In addition to the high blood pressure, I had gained about 20-25 pounds. As a Christian woman wanting to take better care of the temple wherein God’s Holy Spirit dwells I wanted to be a more fit testimony of His love and care. By taking care of myself, I am better able to take care of my family, be as healthy as I can possibly be so I can ‘run the good race’ and enjoy my children, and someday…my grandchildren!"

Sue Ellen Sherer


"I used to say that nobody knows more about losing weight than an overweight person because we've done it so many times. But the staff at Hilton Head Health have taught me so much I never knew that will keep me feeling healthier and looking better. This is a lifestyle change that happens one day at a time and makes you feel better immediately. The fitness videos blow other fitness apps out of the park because it gives us a place to start -- no matter what our level of fitness, and a place to go as we progress along. I am so happy with the H3 on Demand because I have my own personal lifestyle, nutrition, and fitness coaches right here in my house."

Fawn Germer

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