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Vicki Wolf's Journey

Vicki's Story


Before & After

Diagnosed with cancer three times, Vicki created a her own path for health and wellness at Hilton Head Health.

Lucky Vitamin Offer

Special Offer

Hilton Head Health is offering Lucky Vitamin customers a 25% off a stay in 2017. Call a booking specialists at ​866.373.4543 for details.

Lucky Vitamin

Lucky Vitamin


Top 4 Products

Our wellness team picked their top 4 products from Lucky Vitamin. Learn what they like best about these items.

A Vacation with Purpose

Hilton Head Health (H3), voted Best Health and Wellness Resort in USA Today's Best Readers Choice 2016, specializes in all-inclusive wellness, weight loss, and longevity programs. H3 has shaped healthy lifestyles for more than 40 years. Whether you're simply looking for inspiration during a healthy vacation or a comprehensive weight loss intervention, look no further. Hilton Head Health has the program for you.

Call 866.373.4543 and mention "Lucky Vitamin" to receive 25% off your 1 or 2 weeks stay... or Stay Awhile and receive 30% off your 3+ week all-inclusive package at Hilton Head Health.

Discover Healthy Living Through One of Our Programs

Jump Start Weight Loss Program

Jump Start


Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Join our JumpStart program for a week or more, lose weight and leave with a weight loss strategy for continued success. This structured program is designed for those looking to lose 10-40 lbs. through a realistic fitness program and controlled diet. The assessments, small group training and comprehensive approach make this program a launching pad for successful weight change.

LoseWell 4 Weight Loss Program



LoseWell4 Delivers Emotional Eaters Results

If you’ve had chronic issues with weight and need to lose more than 50 lbs. join our intensive 4+ week program at the top weight loss resort. The emotional and social support in professional counseling combined with experts planning your diet and exercise create a collaborative approach to weight loss. LoseWell4 your long-deserved answer to sustainable weight loss.

LivingWell Program



LivingWell Is A Journey

For those inspired to live healthy and looking to lose weight at your own pace, LivingWell provides the best blend of healthy food, fitness options, cooking classes and wellness education to create the perfect healthy vacation for you. Our Indigo Spa seamlessly adds pampering elements to your body+mind wellness experience.

Don’t have time for one of our week long programs, or just want to spend a few days sampling our food and fitness programs… try a short stay! Our Healthy Getaway gives you access to food, fitness and The Indigo Spa.

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