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25 Best Luxury Spa Retreats in the United States

VacationIdea, November 2018

U.S. News & World Report, September 2018

30 Relaxing Meditation Retreats Around the World

Oxygen, September 2018

Cardio and Resistance Training: Water Workout

Health Line, September 2018

Can You Lose Weight Faster by Exercising on an Empty Stomach?

Divorced Moms, September 2018

Making Divorce Easier: “Your Life Is Calling You”

Fox 32 Chicago, August 2018

Four Natural Insomnia Remedies For Back To School Season

Forbes, August 2018

Hilton Head Health: The Healthiest Beach Vacation Option

POPSUGAR, August 2018

Considering a Wellness Retreat? 6 Reasons You Should Book It ASAP

Healthy Way, August 2018

Train Like A Navy SEAL With TRX Workouts

Shape, July 2018

Why Netflix’s New Fat-Phobic Show “Insatiable” Is So Dangerous

POPSUGAR, July 2018

Ready to Level Up on Your Weightlifting? Read These Expert Tips First

Atlanta Journal Constitution, July 2018

Venerable Weight Loss Retreat Isn’t Just About Shedding Pounds Anymore

Money Week, July 2018

Spa Holidays For Mind And Body

The London Times, June 2018

Confessions Of A Male Spa Addict

Reader’s Digest, June 2018

The Serious Reason You Need To Get Your Omega-3 Levels Tested

Aaptiv, May 2018

6 Clever Ways To Drink More Water Regularly

Cooking Light, May 2018

I Spent a Week at a Swanky Weight Loss Resort—Here’s What Went Down

POPSUGAR, April 2018

This Is the Hands-Down Best Workout to Shed Those Extra Pounds

StyleBlueprint, April 2018

5 Southern Wellness Retreats for a Spring Detox

Insiders Guide To Spas, April 2018

8 Great Health Retreats to Go Solo

Augusta Chronicle, April 2018

Dine ‘N’ Dish: Chef’s Table At Hilton Head Health

The Dr. Oz Show, March 2018

An Inside Look at Sarah Polite’s Wellness Journey

Prevention, March 2018

9 Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss From Real Women Who Dropped 50+ Pounds

Women Fitness, March 2018

Sarah Polite On Transforming Her Life With Healthy Decisions

Women’s Health, February 2018

I Lost 50 Pounds At A Weight-Loss Resort

Shape, February 2018

6 Ways to Make Your Health Transformation Last

POPSUGAR, January 2018

If You Suffer From Anxiety, Experts Have This Advice Before Embarking on a Diet

SheKnows, January 2018

This Is The Most Dangerous Part About Shopping

SmarterTravel, January 2018

10 Fitness Getaways That Will Change Your Life

SheKnows, January 2018

How a Weight-Loss Retreat Changed My View of My Body

Moneyish, January 2018

Couples tell Moneyish how dieting and exercising together works better than getting healthy alone.

Cooking Light, January 2018

Here’s What You Need to Know About Functional Mushrooms

VeryWell, January 2018

Different Ways to Get More Fiber in Your Diet: Does Added Fiber Count?

SheKnows, January 2018

4 Totally Realistic Things You Can Do Today to Start Improving Your Health

VeryWell, December 2017

How to Choose a Weight Loss Resort

Travel+Leisure, December 2017

These Luxury Wellness Vacations Will Jumpstart Your 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

Readers Digest, December 2017

11 Essential Items for Your Vegan Shopping List

Women’s Health, December 2017

The 6 Best Weight-Loss Camps For Lasting Results

The Doctors, December 2017

500-Pound Woman Plagued with Health Problems Fears for Her Life

Prevention, December 2017

These Wellness Retreats Will Leave You Feeling Like A New Woman

Travel Channel, November 2017

12 Last Minute Suggestions for a December Getaway

Johnny Jet, November 2017

Cyber Monday Deals for Travelers

Daily Burn, November 2017

10 Wellness Hotels That Have Your Ticket to Zen

Outside Online, November 2017

The Athlete’s Guide to Healthy Grains

The Doctors, November 2017

Can Nearly 600-Pound Man Conquer His Sugar Addiction?

MyDomaine, September 2017

Feeling Bloated? Here’s How to Deal

USA Today 10Best, August 2017

10 healthy travel tips from the best health and wellness resort in the U.S.

The Active Times, January 2016

“Fitness Vacations: These People Lost Tons at Weight Loss Resorts”

Yahoo! Travel, January 2016

“Fitness Vacations: These People Lost Tons at Weight Loss Resorts”

The Hilton Head Sun, January 2016

“Business Briefs”

Yahoo! Health, January 2016

“The Eat This, Not That! Eating Plan for CrossFit”

DailyBurn.com, January 2016

“7 Benefits of Strength Training that Go Way Beyond Buff Arms”

Examiner.com, January 2016

“America’s top health spas”

The Sportsmans Lifestyle, December 2015

“Weight-loss Vacations to Help with Your New Year’s Resolution”

South Magazine, December 2015

“Health Getaways”

Thorton Colorado, December 2015

“Weight-loss Vacations to Help with Your New Year’s Resolution”

Conch Republic, December 2015

“Weight-loss Vacations to Help with Your New Year’s Resolution”

The Island Packet, December 2015

“Hilton Head Health Recognized by National Publication”

Greater Atlanta, December 2015

“Weight-loss Vacations to Help with Your New Year’s Resolution”

The Morning Sun, December 2015

“Consumer Reports: Tips for working out cheaply, effectively”

Sacramento News, December 2015

“Weight-loss Vacations to Help with Your New Year’s Resolution”

Brit + Co, December 2015

“The 7 Most Unusual (But Practical!) Times of the Day to Practice Yoga”

American Spa, December 2015

“Favorite Health & Fitness Spa”

Travel Pulse, December 2015

“Hilton Head Health: A New Face on a Globally Recognized Brand”

Les Nouvelles Estetiques & Spa, December 2015

“Healing Gem: The Indigo Spa”

Brit + Co, December 2015

“7 Secrets Yoga Teachers Want You to Know”

Redbook.com, December 2015

“7 Things No One is Telling You About Going Paleo”

Hilton Head Monthly, November 2015

“2015 Reader’s Choice Awards”

RecipeRedo.com, November 2015

“The Best Vegetarian Burrito”

Travlin’ Girl.com, November 2015

“Get Travlin’ on 2015 Cyber Monday (and Black Friday)!”

Brides.com, November 2015

“Fitness Vacations: These People Lost Tons at Weight Loss Resorts”

Mayo Clinic.org, November 2015

“Mayo Clinic In The News”

Budget Travel.com, November 2015

“Don’t Miss These Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Sales!”

Cooking District, November 2015

“Thanksgiving Desserts – Mini Pumpkin Pie”

Mashable.com, November 2015

“A comprehensive list of Black Friday deals for travelers”

Travel Channel.com, November 2015

“Cyber Monday Travel Deals 2015”

American Spa, November 2015

“Awesome Autumn Treatments at Hilton Head Health”

News NY 1, November 2015

“Lock in Your Next Vacation with Holiday Deals”

Today.com, November 2015

“Serving up Some Serious Portion Control”

Peter Greenberg.com, November 2015

“Your Ultimate Guide to Black Friday & Cyber Monday Travel Deals”

Smarter Travel.com, November 2015

“The Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Travel Deals”

Pulse, November 2015

“See + Be Seen”

Global Traveler USA.com, November 2015

“Hilton Head Health Welcomes Fall with New Events”

Globe Gazette.com, October 2015

“Healthy Fall Soups”