Sarah Polite's Weight Loss Journey at Hilton Head Health

Ever wonder what a week or longer at Hilton Head Health will do for you? This is a question we hear often from new guests. It's a big step into the "unknown," so we wanted to find a way to give you an insider's view of what it's like at H3.

Meet Sarah Polite

Sarah loves life and life loves her right back! She's a vibrant, young professional who understands the stresses of working a demanding career in New York City and recently decided to take some time to focus on herself. This includes a three-month stay with us where she'll be participating in our LoseWell and LivingWell programs.

Month Three - Full of Reflection

Month three. A point in time that seemed so far away for so long was finally here. Life after this transformative experience in my new home. Transformative- causing a marked change in someone or something. I was changed. And just as quickly as it all began it was officially my third and final month at Hilton Head Health.

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Month Two - Even More Lessons

Month two started out with sickness ended with a strength I didn't know I possessed. In between? So much inspiration and growth that added on to everything I had learned in month one. Looking back it was a beautiful blur and I spent most days in as many classes and lectures as possible trying to soak it all in and give it all I had.

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One Month - How To Measure

When I started this I actually couldn't imagine being here right now. A month in, done with one program and about to start another and totally being happy and at peace. With wellness, health, fitness, movement, and most importantly, myself. Just as I am and where I'm at.

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Week Three - What Is Your Why?

The intention to our why and the reason we are here right now in our lives doing what we're doing. I could tell that some ladies didn't know. Some knew all too well and this wasn't the first time they had answered this question and it was hard for them to revisit it. Some never had thought about it before and just did the things they've been doing because they were told they should or had to.

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Week Two - Motivation, Dedication & Kindness

Doing things that make you feel good physically are much more fulfilling than things that don't and burn calories. Choose the movement that makes you feel happy, strong and confident. For years I just went to the gym and rode the elliptical. Over and over. I was so bored. I felt like it was a chore. There's so much more out there I was missing out on, there's so much more out there.

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You're Doing Better Than You Think

The minute I started walking my calves started burning. By the time I made it halfway my legs were hard to lift up and by the time I was headed back to the starting point I felt like I was walking so slow, breathing so hard and sweating so much. Out of all of the activities I’ve been doing here the most challenging one for me is the outdoor mile.

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Week One - Food For Thought

Raise your hand if you sometimes believe the stories you've always told yourself about who you are and what you'll do in your life. I did and have. Even arriving here. I always told myself that while I was confident in my body and owning it no matter my size I would never be the person who was fit, or physical or would actually love to move just because that was the way I had always been. That celebrating food and life is all or nothing and that there's not a happy balance between a full life of living well and being well.

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Let The Journey Begin

I’m writing you from Hilton Head Island - my home for the next couple months as I embark on a new journey of health, wellness, and inspiration. There is a special place called Hilton Head Health and they’re changing lives. They’ve invited me to come and live with them for a little and do their programs and share my story along the way. To document the days, to tell you about my experiences here and to live it. The result? A practice of self-care, love, and strength like I’ve never given myself before. It’s time for that. It’s time to take care of myself in a way I’ve never known how. To learn how and to do it. I deserve it. We all do.

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