TRX Fitness Classes

Learn TRX Fitness with Hilton Head Health

Hilton Head Health is a world-renowned Health and Wellness Resort with Healthy Behavior Change and Fitness Specialists who have experience with personalizing workouts for people of all backgrounds ranging from first-time exercisers to athletes. We are excited to open our facility to Hilton Head Island residents so that your can experience a great TRX workout with our amazing fitness team.

Small Group TRX Training at H3 is the perfect combination of getting the right personalized workout designed for you, as well as being in an environment that lives, sweats, and breathes healthy living. TRX provides modes of exercise that teaches you to move your body better by tackling all elements of exercise including strength, flexibility, body awareness, cardio, and more.

Come and experience this small group training that emphasizes the importance of a personal touch.

Meet Your Coaches

TRX Fitness Classes
David Chesworth, B.S., ACSMDavid is responsible for facilitating the development of the program schedules and keeps H3's fitness philosophy consistent and up to date with the latest in scientific research. David has a Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science with a focus in Exercise Programming, is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), and is a Wellness Coach through Wellcoaches School of Coaching. He is also certified through Functional Movement Systems, TRX Suspension & Functional Training Certifications (STC & FTC), and is Exercise is Medicine credentialed through ACSM.
TRX Fitness Classes
Matthew Paul BarrackMatt Barrack is your Marine of fitness. Matt began his career in the United States Marine Corps as a Private First Class. After leaving the military, Matt received his AFAA Certification for Personal Training and became a certified Russian Kettlebell instructor. In addition, Matt carries a Functional Movement System Level 1 Certification and TRX Suspension & Functional Training Certifications (STC & FTC).

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The newly renovated Functional gym at H3 makes for a state of the art TRX experience. With 9 bay units maximizing storage and space, 10 people can effectively get in a quality workout while also receiving personalized attention. The open floor space is built with a stadium grade astro-turf setting which makes for the perfect environment of lowering impact on the joints while simultaneously increasing the possibilities of a diverse experience of movements and exercises.