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Hilton Head Health's position on various topics regarding weight loss and wellness.

An evolving feature of our website, this diverse inventory of the latest facts, theories, and position papers related to health and wellness is continually updated by the experts at Hilton Head Health. For more detailed information, check out our blog, as well as an upcoming new editorial from Hilton Head Health called The Cut.We've included links below to further access the information that you’re interested in. If a specific link is not available, please select a program from the navigation bar for more details.1. Hilton Head Health is a pioneer in the field of integrated health. H3 combines personal responsibility and healthy habits along with mainstream and alternative medicine to create a sustainable lifestyle that can lead to a longer and more vital existence.2. Vitamin therapy can play a role in maintaining proper nutrition during weight loss.3. Weight loss can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience imbued with a profound sense of accomplishment. The “no pain, no gain” idea is an old modeled philosophy.4. Getting quality sleep is a vital part of losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Proper sleep hygiene will improve your energy level, attention span, and overall recovery.5. For many people, guided imagery is helpful in starting the process of losing weight. You must be able to imagine living a healthy lifestyle before you can achieve it.6. Food addiction can be just as damaging as drugs and alcohol. Although the consequences often occur over the long-term, they are just as impactful. Obesity is the second leading cause of lifestyle-related death.7. Weight loss can be the perfect place to restart your life and prevent lifestyle-related “disease disasters” like heart disease and diabetes from severely impacting your future.8. Weight loss is much easier and more successful when you surround yourself with a community of like-minded individuals who share similar issues with food.9. Structure is the most important part of any weight loss program. To be successful, you need to have a feasible and effective plan and then stick to it.10. Lifestyle change isn’t easy. Not only must you create new healthy habits, but you must also eliminate your old bad habits.

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