Develop Your Personalized Weight Loss Retreat With The JumpStart Education Series

Our Comprehensive Weight Loss Education Series

Mastering Motivation

On the journey to health and wellness, it’s important to stay motivated and make the right choices to meet your weight loss goals. This session will show you how to access your inner determination and stay inspired even when times get tough. Meet the greatest ally you have in the quest for health – you!

Discovering Your Best Self

Even if you have a clear image of what it means to live a healthy life, you may feel that you don’t possess the resources for you to achieve that vision. This class explores simple but effective techniques to help you create your most successful self. By learning to tap into your core skills and abilities, you’ll gain the confidence needed to achieve your health and wellness or weight loss goals.

Nutrition for Health

Confused by the never-ending onslaught of media reports promoting often-contradictory nutritional recommendations? This session will help you sort through all the clutter. You’ll then be able to lay the foundation for a sound nutritional plan that will help manage your weight, lower your risk for chronic disease, and increase your energy.

Portion Control

In America, we consume several hundred more calories per day than we did just a few decades ago. Why? Without portion control, there is no weight control. In this valuable session, we’ll discuss what has led to this dramatic increase and learn real-world strategies to help manage your own caloric intake.

Staying on Track

Even the most motivated person slips up from time to time. What’s important is how you recover. This essential class discusses the best approaches for minimizing the frequency of relapses and how to manage them when they do occur.

Developing Your Fitness Strategy

Finish up your week by designing a detailed exercise plan with your Fitness Coach in this hands-on, interactive seminar. Find out how to apply all that you’ve learned in your Cardio, Strength & Conditioning, and Recovery sessions to create a personalized strategy that will enable you to continue your success at home.

Meal Planning

One of the most important factors for achieving a healthy weight involves nutritional discipline, and having a plan is planning for success. This class focuses on making positive food choices that provide balanced nutrition, energy, and creates the metabolic jump start you’re looking for.

Healthy Kitchen Cooking Demonstration

Join us in the Healthy Kitchen for a cooking demonstration that focuses on simple, fast and healthy dishes that can become your go-to meals. Using readily accessible fresh and wholesome ingredients, our chefs prepare a variety of recipes that are sure to become staples of your healthy lifestyle.