LoseWell Program

If you feel like you’ve tried it all but still struggle to get lasting results, you are not alone. Most diet plans and fitness programs only work a little for a little while. Our LoseWell program is not your typical “fat farm” or “fat camp.” In our forty years of experience we have found that with the right support, good food (that’s good for you), and a safe and effective fitness plan, you can achieve lasting change and join our hundreds of Hilton Head Health guests who have achieved their healthy weight loss goals.

Our comprehensive four-week LoseWell residential weight loss program is an investment that can change your life as you learn and practice healthy eating and exercise behaviors until they become habit. A personal Fitness Coach and Wellness Counselor will be by your side every step of the way addressing emotional and psychological needs to keep you on the path to mental strength, self-confidence and motivation as you progress towards your goals at our top rated weight loss resort and spa.

LoseWell Offers the Complete Experience:

Emotional Support

Are you looking for a supportive, caring and non-judgmental environment where you can get away and be completely yourself? That’s the atmosphere we cultivate at Hilton Head Health. We have built a supportive community of guests as well as psychologist and wellness team members dedicated to helping you make the changes that will help you live your best life. It’s is the ideal environment for creating the life-long behavioral changes you’ve been looking for at a top-rated destination weight loss resort.

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Food/Healthy Cooking

Think healthy can’t be delicious? Learn how to cook good food with great flavor. As part of your residential weight loss program our chef will teach you to create flavorful meals you can’t resist and won’t have to. Participate in cooking classes and enjoy healthy, flavorful food sourced from fresh local ingredients and inspired by healthy, tasty American and multi-ethnic cuisine. Every menu item at Hilton Head Health’s True Restaurant is calorie-controlled so you can effortlessly stay on track during your weight loss vacation..

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Customized Fitness

Our team puts in the time to ensure your success. Your comprehensive weight loss retreat includes two trainers who meet you and a small group of guests twice a day for 2 ½ hours. Your trainers incorporate a variety of exercises are incorporated from pool, free weights, and calisthenics to bike rides and yoga on the beach to take full advantage of your time at H3 and our beautiful east coast island. Additional private and group sessions focus on recovery and your Fitness Coach meets one-on-one with you weekly to review your progress and re-establish target health and wellness or weight loss goals. It's the most comprehensive weight loss resort program you’ll find. .

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Weekly Assessment/Coaching

Know exactly where you stand during your weight loss retreat, establish a baseline and monitor your improvements each week. Our comprehensive assessment process gives you and the professionals at Hilton Head Health valuable health, fitness and metabolism data to personalize your weight loss vacation and journey. Our coaches walk with you every step of the way toward your weight loss goals on our East Coast resort.

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Comprehensive Weight Loss Plan

Our knowledge is your power. More than forty years of dedication to residential weight loss programs have gone into creating H3’s weight loss education series. You’ll leave your stay at Hilton Head Health’s #1 health and wellness resort with a well-scripted plan for success. The LoseWell Comprehensive Education Series includes: The Mindset, Balanced Nutrition, Influences on Behavior, and Developing a Fitness Plan. Learn to live healthy beyond your stay at our leading weight loss resort.

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Ready to move ahead with your health? Stretch your idea of whole health at our top rated weight loss spa. Lasting success begins with a comprehensive weight loss program focused on all areas of fitness for adults. As part of our holistic approach we believe that mobility is the basis for your overall fitness. That’s why Hilton Head Health’s weight loss camps include dedicated time each day to improving your mobility and flexibility through private recovery services and yoga sessions.

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At Hilton Head Health’s all-inclusive weight loss and wellness programs you will get away to comfortable 2-bedroom or 3-bedroom villas with private bedrooms and baths and well-appointed common living areas. You may opt for sharing accommodations for added support or private villa accommodations for more solitude. Prepare to enjoy a first-rate weight loss resort and wellness spa!

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Personalize your all-inclusive weight loss experience. With Hilton Head Health H3$ resort credits. You can use your credits to personalize your comprehensive weight loss vacation with meal planning consultations, cooking classes, spa services, and excursions designed to introduce you to all Hilton Head Island has to offer. See how you can customize your stay.

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You focus on your weight loss and wellness goals and we’ll take care of the rest. Hilton Head Health’s comprehensive weight loss and wellness programs are all-inclusive and include transportation. Our drivers will provide you round trip transportation to our renowned East Coast Island resort with a shuttle from Savannah International (SAV) or Hilton Head Island (HHH) airports between the hours of 8:00am and 8:00pm on Sunday and Wednesday. Plus, they are available upon request for Island shuttles during business hours.