Your LoseWell Assessments and Coaching Help Tailor Your In-Depth Weight Loss Program

Our comprehensive assessment process gives you and our team of H3 professionals valuable health, fitness and metabolic data to help personalize your weight loss getaway

Health Screening / Weekly Weigh-Ins

Begin your weight loss retreat with a full assessment. Your health screening includes the following assessments: weight, body measurements, BMI, resting heart rate, resting blood pressure, and a lipid screening (fasting glucose, HDL, LDL, total cholesterol, triglycerides). Each week at Hilton Head Health’s top weight loss camp includes a follow up with a weigh-in, and finally a post-health screening in your last week.

Functional Movement Screening (FMS)

A top-ranked comprehensive weight loss experience is not just about moving more, it’s also about moving better. FMS uses seven different fundamental actions to assess your overall body movement. Not a fitness test – it is used to measure posture, symmetry, and the risk of injury within the joints and muscles of the body. FMS identifies which exercises and therapies will improve your strength and mobility, and which to avoid, allowing Hilton Head Health to develop a safe and effective fitness program. Re-screening at the end of your stay will demonstrate your new level of body mechanics and risk for injury as you head back home.

Fitness Assessment

What is your level of fitness? Muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, cardiorespiratory fitness… All of these elements of fitness contribute to living a better quality of life. These are all measured at the beginning and end of your Hilton Head Health weight loss journey. What better way to see how your quality of life has improved than by showing yourself what you’re capable of? The real treat will come when you see the results of your retreat with a purpose at the end of your stay at our top-ranked weight loss spa.

Metabolic Assessment

Everyone has different levels of metabolism. You need to know yours for lasting success. During your stay, you will receive a metabolic test at the beginning and end of your stay. This test provides a baseline for your caloric needs. Hilton Head Health’s comprehensive weight loss program includes this assessment to prepare you for weight loss management strategy.

Personal Coaching

Our team members are all fully trained & certified, meaning that you will get expert advice and support throughout your entire journey to wellness. Our staff is here for you and they fulyl stand behind our motto: Your Wellbeing is Our Reason for Being.

Health Consultation

Get ready to meet your health coach. A Hilton Head Health weight loss retreat includes the help and support you need. Each guest meets with a Health Specialist for an in-depth, personalized 45-minute session to establish your wellness goals, discuss your motivation and plan a course of action. Your individual nutritional, caloric and fitness needs will be discussed and get you headed on a path to success following the end of your getaway at our top weight loss resort.

Individual Consultation with Wellness Counselor

Remove the barriers to your health, wellness and weight loss success. Hilton Head Health Wellness Counselor’s are experts in cognitive/behavioral therapy. They meet you to provide evaluation and support for a deeper understanding of issues standing in the way of you developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is a key element to our holistic approach to mental and physical challenges that are a part of your residential weight loss stay. It is what makes Hilton Head Health a leading weight loss program and an essential component to your lasting weight loss.

Progress Review with Fitness Coach

Keep moving and keep on track with Hilton Head Health’s awarded weight loss program. Your experience includes a weekly one-on-one time with your assigned Fitness Coach to review your progress from the week, establish a workout assignment for the weekend to build confidence and self-accountability, and establish goals for the upcoming week. Consider it your fitness check-in, check-up and check-ahead. This kind of accountability turns a vacation with purpose into a weight loss vacation with real progress.