Develop A Winning Personalized Weight Loss Strategy with LoseWell’s Weight Loss Education Series

Hilton Head Health’s Unique Comprehensive Education Series


Start your comprehensive weight loss journey off right. Focus on the essential How-To's and develop your personal strategy for building your healthy life.


Your weight loss experience gets a little deeper. Learn what it means to choose good nutrition. Gain a solid understanding of each component and finish with a small group meal planning session.


Learn to consider all the moving parts that influence your behavior. Understanding this is essential to comprehensive weight loss, which is a by-product of healthy choices and healthy behaviors.


Plan for lasting success. Don’t just stay fit during your time in our weight loss program. These classes will help you expand on the strategies you have learned in your Fit Level workouts to give you the tools you need to continue your fitness success at home.

Group Counseling

Uncover the common struggles that get in the way of our health and weight management goals. Our weight loss camp Behavioral Health Counselors will help you discover the habits and emotions that may be holding you back from accomplishing your health and weight loss goals. Sessions include: Shedding Fat Identity, Fighting Negative Body Image, Dealing with Fear of Failure, Knowing your Best Tools, What Does Relapse Look Like, Weight as a Symptom Not a Problem, How Does Honesty Play Into Weight Loss, and Believing the Deprivation Lie.

Applied Nutrition / Cooking Classes

Discover how to continue your weight loss retreat after you leave Hilton Head Health’s East Coast getaway. Throughout your four-week program, you will participate a 4 week series of cooking demonstrations that cover breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Fit Bite recipes to set you up for success at home.