The Wellness Destination for
Corporate and Executive Retreats

Are you looking for more than just a typical vacation? Does the daily pressure of work have you feeling worn down and burnt out? Do you want to become refreshed, rejuvenated and refocused on your health while setting you or your team up for professional success? Then our all-inclusive corporate wellness programs are perfect for you. A wellness vacation is about more than working out and eating healthy for a week or a couple days. It is about learning to up your game and continue a healthy lifestyle once you return to your work life. Come to our East Coast wellness retreat and learn to live well with our top fitness classes, wellness education, beautiful beaches, gourmet healthy restaurant and relaxing spa. Discover why we are a top ranked wellness resort.

For more than forty years Hilton Head Health has lead the way with an innovative holistic path to wellness. It takes more than passion to live a healthy lifestyle, so we will equip you with the knowledge and motivation you need to grow and succeed. From meditation and mobility to meal plans and restorative massage, our trainers, coaches, dietitians and counselors will give you a powerful new perspective on fitness, nutritious eating, healthy living and longevity. Whether you come with your entire team or want to get away for some “you” time, our all-inclusive programs will set you up for professional success by leaving you rested, revived and with a renewed commitment to your lifelong wellness.

The Wellness Destination for Corporate and Executive Retreats

Live Well. Lead Well.

Whether you’re looking for a healthy social getaway, a networking retreat, a unique venue to host a corporate event, or a professional development workshop, Hilton Head Health can customize your group’s experience for a truly unique empowering experience.

The Retreat for Executives

Escape and turn down the noise of your work life and dial in on your abilities to create an environment for prioritizing self-care. For those of you who would describe yourself as “married to your work”, this retreat is for you! Learn key strategies on how to prioritize your health and wellness instead of it being the first thing you sacrifice.

The Indigo Spa at Hilton Head Health

Acclaimed Spa Enhances Your Wellness Vacation.

Hilton Head Health’s spa, The Indigo Spa, opened to critical acclaim as one of America’s Top 100 Spas.
It's the perfect complement to your H3 wellness getaway.