Hilton Head Health Fitness Class List

Choose From More Than 50 Hilton Head Health Fitness Classes

No matter your level we offer the latest safe, effective and fun fitness classes. Our small group classes at Hilton Head Health offer the ideal environment for individualized fitness instruction. We meet you where you are and help you get to your fitness goals at our top-ranked wellness resort and spa.

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0/20/20/4  Level I/II/III

20 Minutes with Equipment, 20 Minutes without equipment, 4 minutes of instructors’ choice of Tabata. Finish your workout with a quick full-body stretch to keep you feeling fresh for the rest of the day.

Aqua Aerobics   Level I

Cardiovascular pool workout with dance movements.

Aquafit  Level I

Improve cardiovascular conditioning, muscular strength, and endurance with weights and noodles. Take a break from “impact” on the body and get a great workout that is safe, effective, and fun.

Aqua Barre  Level I/II/III

This pool class combines lightweight exercises, interval training, flexibility, and balance using the grace of Ballet and the strength of Pilates.

Aqua Boxing  LevelI/II/III

Do you enjoy the pool?  Do you enjoy cardio boxing?  Well grab your swimsuit and get excited because they are coming together!  A fun, high energy class learning boxing moves in the water.  Creating resistance with your body weight and equipment keeping your heart rate up!

Aqua Burn  Level I/II/III

A mix of cardiovascular and water-resistant exercises to get your heart pumping and your muscles burning.

Aquatic Calisthenics Level I/II/III

Calisthenics has a low to no impact effect on the joints. This will be a full-body strength and conditioning workout using nothing but your body weight and the water around you.

Aquatic Exercise Level I/II/III

Aquatics provides a safe and effective environment to build strength and balance at any stage of life.

Aqua Cardio Conditioning  Level I/II/III

A low impact cardio workout that is going to get you jumping, hopping, and running through the water.

Aqua Obstacles 1  Level

Aqua Obstacles is a pool class designed to challenge your aquatic skill in the pool using your body weight and a few pieces of equipment.  You’ll be challenging yourself going through different obstacles racing against the clock.  It’s a fun, high energy class that anyone can do.  Don’t be afraid, but you’ll be getting your hair wet!

Aqua Obstacles 2  Level

If you enjoyed Aqua Obstacles 1, and want an even more challenge.  You will love Aqua Obstacles 2!  Level 2 will be a little more intense, but a fun and exciting way to exercise in the pool.  If you don’t like to swim, that’s okay!  We have noodles for you.  With more obstacles, and a little more equipment involved; you’ll have fun challenging yourself and working with others to finish the race!

Aqua Interval Training   Level I/II/III

Interval Training is a great way to pick up your aqua experience.  Aqua Intervals will alternate between periods of high intensity with periods of active rest.  The beauty of this format is that it is adaptable for every participant and there’s always a variety of combinations.

Aqua Resistance Training   Level I/II

An interval training water workout using water bells to provide resistance while alternating from aerobic movement to stationary resistance workout.

Aqua Tabata  Level I/II/III                 

Tabata intervals have scientific roots alternating 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest to improve fitness quickly.  Stop by as we kick up the intensity using this protocol to common aquatics exercises.

Aqua Zumba  Level I/II

Aqua Zumba is a safe, effective, and challenging water-based workout that integrates the Zumba formula and philosophy into traditional aqua fitness.

Bands, Balls, and Bars   Level II

The description should speak for itself! This class comprises movements from a variety of pieces of exercise equipment to allow attendees a full-body strength training workout without any time to be bored. Stop by as the combinations between equipment are endless…

Barre Fit  Level II/III

This class combines lightweight exercises, interval training, flexibility, and balance using the grace of Ballet and the strength of Pilates.

Beach Walk

We provide transportation to the beach for an aerobic walk.  Great for all levels of fitness.  Bring your sunglasses!

Beach Bike Ride

Keep your heart rate up through a leisurely bike ride on the Shipyard trails.  This afternoon pedal will cover the beautiful low country scenery of Hilton Head and arrive at the beach for a ride during low tide.  Guests must provide or rent their own bicycles.

Beginner Step Aerobics   Level II/III

Cardiovascular workout, moderate-high intensity. This class will focus on basic step moves and combinations.  Designed for beginners with no pre-existing joint and back problems.

Body Sculpting   Level II

A comprehensive resistance program using hand-held weights.  All levels of fitness welcome.

Butts & Guts  Level II

A super thorough, super effective, lower body workout. If you’re looking for results delivered in a fun new way, then you’ll love this workout. Very comprehensive, with a great mix of old and new exercises -effectively sequenced -to keep the fat burning and muscles responding. Glute, floor and core exercises, followed by a stretch. Appropriate for all fitness levels.

Cardio Bootcamp Level II/III

Get your heart rate revving with a morning cardio blast! This cardio workout will get you breathing hard, burning calories, and leave you feeling accomplished.

Cardio Boxing   Level II/III

A high energy, exciting and motivating workout!  This class is a cardiovascular workout that will leave you invigorated

Cardio Core Circuit   Level I/II/III

This class combines both cardio and core exercises to burn fat and strengthen your abdominals!

Cardio Strength Circuit   Level I/II/III

Get your weight training and cardio all in one class.  This energy-filled class works you in 2-3 minute stations to maximize your calorie burn.                

Core Strength  Level II                             

Learn to strengthen your core muscles and prevent nagging back pain.  Abdominal and low back exercises, with instruction on beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques.

Creative Cardio    Level I/II

Low impact dance aerobics is an energetic, upbeat aerobics class that is sure to get your body moving. A great workout for all levels of fitness enthusiasts, this class combines cardiovascular training and toning exercises, for a superior total body workout.

Dance Fit   (Dance Aerobics)   Level I/II/III

An accessible high-energy aerobic dance class. Dance fit incorporates easy to follow cardio dance movement from jazz, Latin, oldies and hip hop.

Deep Water Balance & Stretch  Level

Using a noodle and a floatation belt throughout the class, you will learn exercises to stabilize the core, balance routines, and different ways to stretch in deep water.

Deep Water Conditioning   Level I/II/III

Non-impact deep water workout using a floatation belt.  NOTE:  MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM IN DEEP WATER.

Deep Water Intervals Level I/II/III

A HIIT style workout in the deep end of the pool. Experience the benefits of interval-style training in a no-impact setting.

Dynamic Treading Level I/II/III

A new twist on Treading. There is more to a treadmill than meets the eye. Not only will you get a great cardio work-out, but you will also learn creative ways on how to use your cardio machine to assist you in low impact strength training exercises.

Early Bird Cardio Level II/III

Start your day off with a little bit of cardio. Meet on the porch for a fitness instructor’s choice of workout. We guarantee a great session!

Fit Balls, and PilatesLevel II/III

An overall Pilates toning and strengthening class using the fit balls that focuses on the core and small muscle groups.

Fitball Strength   Level I/II/III

The fitball offers a fun, safe, and effective workout for all ages and fitness levels.  The ball improves balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, and coordination.

Fitball Stretch   Level I

This class features the ball for a series of stretches.  There is a variety of stretches that are done standing with the ball, sitting on the ball, and lying on the stomach and back on the ball.  Relaxation to follow.

Functional Strength   Level I/II/III

After reviewing a baseline exercise and ADL movement, these sessions include a social strength circuit, great for mind and body.

Gentle Yoga   Level II

Gentle postures and breathing exercises to promote strength, flexibility, and energy.

Get a Grip on Cardio   LevelIl/III

An untraditional way to think of cardio. In this class, you will get a grip on how to use equipment like the Rope, Buddy-Systems strap, Rowing machine, Jacobs ladder, Boxing gloves, TRX, Resistance Bands, Kettlebells and more in order to get your cardio routine in.

H2O Bootcamp Level II/III

Bootcamp! This is a fun time! Grit, integrity, laughter, and teamwork are what you are going to experience in H2O Bootcamp. WARNING: your hair will get wet.

H2O Seminar  Level I

Were you ever curious of what the benefits of water aerobics are?  Well, grab your swimsuit and get ready to learn in the pool!

H3 AwesomeRace Level I/II/III

Navigate through H3 by completing challenges in the Healthy Kitchen, Body+MindStudio, and Fitness Studio. At the completion of each leg, each guest will receive a badge of accomplishment to move on to the next challenge. Join us for an engaging activity that will tie together the pillars of H3: Eat Right, Move More, Less Stress.

H3 Triathlon

*Sign up Required

Novice or frequent triathletes will enjoy this mini-triathlon challenge.  The timed event offers a variety of scaled options making it available to all fitness levels.

H3 WALKING CLUB: 3.5 Mile Shipyard Loop 

Moderately paced walk around Shipyard Plantation.

Hip Hop Dance  Level I/II/III

Cardio hip hop class with basic moves that will be used to form a dance routine.

Hip Hop Dance II  Level I/II/III

A progression from cardio hip hop I incorporating the moves learned to create a dance routine.

Hip Openers Yoga  Level II

This class will focus on yoga stretches to ease tension in the hip area using a strap and resting on your back.  Maintaining mobility in your hips can prevent stiffness and irritation from occurring in your lower back, knees, and legs.  Loosen up and stretch out in this gentle series design for all fitness levels.

Hydro Circuit  Level I/II/III

A great workout in a low impact environment where water meets circuit training!  Participants will rotate through various strength and aerobic stations utilizing both shallow and deep water.

Intro to Ballroom Dancing                           

Come learn the Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, and Swing Dance.  We start by moving through the basic steps and becoming familiar with these dances. The rest of the night is yours to own the dance floor.

Intro to Functional Training Gym                           

Introduces guests to the fitness room and provides a demonstration for the correct use of fitness equipment.

Intro to Pilates   Level II

A unique system of stretching and strengthening exercises focused at the core of the body.  It strengthens and tones muscle, improves posture, provides flexibility and balance, unites body and mind.

Intro to Biking

Biking is a wonderful form of exercise that you can enjoy for the rest of your life.  It tones the lower body reduces stress, improves balance, and strengthens your core –a low impact option great for your hips and knees as they are strengthened, not stressed.  This coach-led group bike ride will provide safety and strategy tips while enjoying a new way to explore the Island.  Inquire with Concierges about Bike Rentals

Intro to Running  (Walkers Welcome) Level III

*Sign up Required    

This technique clinic is for all skill levels.  Whether you are interested in beginning a jogging routine or are an experienced runner, this class is for you. The class will be held at a local park where we will begin with a group warm-up followed by skill drills to improve running technique and confidence. It will finish with a short conditioning session followed up with a cooldown and stretch targeting runners’ “problem areas”.

Intro to Swimming      

This class is designed for beginners to advanced swimmers. The focus of this class is to learn and improve the fundamentals of each stroke.  You will learn basic breathing and kicking techniques, body position, rhythm and timing of the stroke. These techniques will help improve your performance and strength as a swimmer.

Intro to Yoga   Level II

Gentle postures and breathing exercises to promote strength, flexibility, and energy.

Kettlebell ChallengeLevel I/II/III

Grab a kettlebell and learn how to target your upper and lower body using movements that are unique to the kettlebell. We challenge you to an exercise that incorporates both resistance and cardio conditioning.

Lawn Games Level I

Get moving and have some fun in the sun playing lawn games like bocce ball, ladder toss, or bean bag toss.

Line Dancing   Level I/II

Exercise disguised as fun.  Sense of rhythm not required.  Try it, you’ll like it!

Low Impact Aerobics   Level I/II                

Low to moderate intensity cardio workout.  This class integrates classic aerobic steps with the cadence of the music.  All levels can participate.

Mat Pilates    Level II

Development of awareness of your body, how you move, stand and breathe.  A series of movements designed to promote strength, flexibility, and energy.

Medicine Ball   Level II/III

Work on resistance training while having a ball.  Fun and safe way to vary your total body strength training using a medicine ball. 

Morning Stretch   Level I/II

Incorporate flexibility into your workouts!  Learn a variety of stretching techniques that will improve performance and decrease the risk of injuries.

Myofascial Release

A manipulative treatment that brings connective tissue to a healthier state of being. This is helpful for reducing inflammation, releasing the tension, and promoting healthier recovery, post-trauma, and for a reduction in scar tissue.

Nautical Noodle  Level I/II                  

Experience a noodle workout like never before.  Various exercises will be used to sculpt the body.  Good for all levels of fitness.

Outdoor Circuit   Level III

A moderately paced walk/jog in conjunction with interval strength training and calisthenics. The instructor will lead guests throughout Shipyard Plantation.

Outdoor Cross Training   (Intro to Cross Training)    Level III   

*Sign up required

Cross-training is a training style where you combine two or more disciplines in the same workout.  In this class, we will pair swimming with land-based cardio for a full-body cardio experience.

Pilates50/50   Level I/II                        

Fuses lower body standing exercises with mat exercises to bring a more functional experience while continuing to focus on core stability and spinal alignment.

Pilates for Back Strength   Level II                        

Improve strength and flexibility in the back by learning awareness of a neutral spine and strengthening the deep postural muscles that support this alignment.

Pilates Foundation   Level I/II                        

See how breathing and core work can build a universal foundation for movement, strength, and balance.

Pilates Posture   Level II                        

This class begins with a brief description and demonstration of the two most basic and fundamental principles of Pilate’s:  neutral spine and breathing technique.  This is followed by a series of exercises that will promote healthy and pain-free posture.

Pool Volleyball

All skill levels welcome to this fun, competitive, low impact activity that gets you moving in all directions in the water. Pool Volleyball is played in the shallow end.

Powerwalking Workshop  Level I/II/III

When it comes to getting your heart rate up, many times people think of running. What if there was a safer, low impact option for cardio that required only your body and a good pair of walking shoes. This power walking workshop is just that! Come experience the benefits of power walking, the best ways to power walk, and different ways to keep it fun for your activity plan back home.

Power Yoga  Level II/III                   

Fitness-based vinyasa practice that builds internal heat, stamina, strength, flexibility, and reduces stress.

Pure StrengthLevel I/II/III

You will use hand weights, resistance bands, and your own bodyweight to increase your lean muscle and build strength. No muscle gets neglected in this class!

Recovery Services (Pilates)

Learn all the ways to recover your muscles.  You’ll explore a variety of group recoveries:  Pilates Reformer, Thai Yoga, PNF Stretching, and Myofascial Rolling.

Resistance Band Training  Level I/II

Designed for muscle conditioning and toning using the resistance of a Dyna-band.  Includes exercises for the upper and lower body. Great for frequent travelers!

Restorative Yoga   Level I

A yoga sequence supported by props that allow you to completely relax. The poses have the ability to leave you nourished and well-rested.

Rock Bottom  Level I/II

This class tones thighs, lifts butts and keeps hips slender by targeting your “problem areas” of the lower body.

Rock, Roll, & Release   Level II                           

This class introduces the tools of self-massage that will erase the pain and improve performance. Move better and recover faster, so that you can continue to be active and do what you love to do

RTCB Pilates Circuit

Small group equipment classes utilize the Pilates reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and Barrel. The spring resistance of the equipment provides a muscle-strengthening workout incorporating the Pilates principles of control and breath. The class is easily customized, which allows individuals to work at their appropriate fitness level.   Prior Pilates experience is recommended.

Pilates Circuit

Small group equipment class utilizes the Pilates reformer and Cadillac. This class also incorporates two matt exercises. The spring resistance of the equipment provides a muscle-strengthening workout incorporating the Pilates principles of control and breath. The class is easily customized, which allows individuals to work at their appropriate fitness level. Prior Pilates experience is recommended.

Pilates Foundation  Level I/II

See how breathing and core work can build a universal foundation for movement, strength, and balance.

Salsa Night

Come out and learn this exciting Latin inspired dance. We start by moving through the basic steps and becoming familiar with this type of dance. The rest of the night is yours to own the dance floor.

Self-Defense and Martial Arts Skills

Paul is a 2ndDegree Black Belt (NIDAN). His style is mixed martial arts, Aikido, Jujitsu, and Karate. His primary objective for teaching is to promote self-defense, sport/competition, character development and fitness. This class will have you wanting to learn the skills of Martial Arts and the feeling of confidence as you go through life.

Shoulder Mobility   Level I/II/III

Learn myofascial release and stretching techniques to facilitate improved movement and flexibility in your shoulders. These techniques can be done at home in 5-10 minutes to provide relief from chronic pain, and improved movement in the upper extremities.  This session is a follow-up for guests who have had a Functional Movement Screening (FMS).

SlimSplash LevelI/II/III

Run, jump, hop, cross country ski, and core all packed into a water workout that uses noodles and weights for resistance and balance training.

Standing Yoga   Level I/II

A Standing flow sequence developed to receive the benefits of a dynamic Warrior series without the strain on your wrists or shoulders. Build strength and increase flexibility without having to get down on the floor.

Step Interval Training  Level II/III

Interval training, alternating body sculpt moves and aerobic exercises on or off the step. The ultimate body-shaping, fat-burning, and strength training class for most fitness levels.

Strength Training for Endurance

Review a variety of key strength exercises that both enhance your endurance performance and prevent common injuries.

Stretch & Relaxation   Level II

Learn a variety of stretching techniques that will improve performance and decrease the risk of injuries.

Swim Technique 1   LevelI/II/III

This class is designed for any level, beginner to advanced swimmers. The focus is to learn basic breathing and kicking techniques, body position, rhythm and timing of the Freestyle stroke.

Swim Technique 2   Level I/II/III

You will be learning basic breathing and kicking techniques, body position, rhythm and timing of the Breaststroke and Backstroke. These strokes, considered the survival strokes, are beneficial to learn for improving water confidence as a beginner.

Sun Salutations Yoga  Level I/II/III

Start your day with an energizing stretch and strengthening yoga practice that targets major muscle groups in sun salutations. This practice will help deepen your ritual of gratitude.

Tabata Barre   Level II/III

A high-intensity interval Barre class that includes stations targeting strength, core, and balance.

Tabata Burn   Level II/III

High-intensity type of interval workout using the body bar to pump and feel the burn.

Tabata Fitness   Level II

This interval training class has been proven to increase fitness quickly and can be scaled to every participant. Tabata intervals have scientific roots alternating 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

Tailgating Fitness ActivitiesLevel I/II/III                          

Football season is here! H3 is excited to host Fitness Tailgate Parking Lot Activities. These fun and calorie-burning games will bring out the friendly competitor in everyone.

Tone and Stretch   Level I/II

A combination of pilates, yoga, and lightweight training that focuses on toning and stretching the overall body.  Class incorporates a variety of tools such as weights, straps, balls, and the ballet barre.

Treading  Level I/II/III  

*Sign up Required

High energy treadmill workout using different speeds and elevations for 45 minutes.  Other cardio machines, such as elliptical trainers, Nu-Steps, Arc trainers, and bikes are available for low impact or adding variety to your routine. 

TRX Circuit   Level II/III

No prior experience needed, this class will alternate between using suspension training (TRX) and body weight for a full-body workout.

TRX/Flow Fitness Combo   Level II/III

*Sign up Required

This group class mimics the physical exertion of daily life using TRX suspension training to stress and challenge your muscles in brand-new ways.  Specialized Yoga Flow techniques are then used to relieve the physical pressure and help you cool down in a unique and empowering process.

Ultra Circuit   Level I/II/III                        

Get your weight training and cardio all in one class.  This energy-filled class works you in 2-3 minute stations to maximize your calorie burn.

Water Fitness  Level I/II

Cardiovascular workout in the pool.  All levels of fitness.  Perfect class for those with joint problems. No swimming experience necessary.

Yoga Challenge   Level II/III

An invigorating sequence of yoga postures that stretches and tones the whole body. Previous yoga experience helpful, but not necessary.

Yoga for Bone Health

Learn 12 simple poses that have been proven through research to increase bone strength and bone density.

Yoga Nidra

*Sign up Required 

Sometimes called “Yoga Sleep,” this type of yoga practice creates a state of conscious relaxation, allowing you to be in the moment and fully present in your body. This quiet and peaceful session will help relieve tension, anxiety, and even physical pain.

Yoga in the Pool  Level I/II   

Let the water support you while you experience the benefits of yoga poses, breathing fresh air and the peaceful feeling of being outdoors in the water.

Yoga on the Beach    Level II                        

*Sign up Required

Gentle postures and breathing exercises to promote strength, flexibility, and energy while enjoying the calm surroundings of the sand and surf.  Wear flip flops!!

Zumba  Level II

An aerobic-based class that incorporates dance moves into fun and easy to follow repetitions.

KEY for Level I/II/III classes

.  Level I classes are formatted for participants with some movement limitations. Class format avoids floor exercises, providing seated or standing alternatives.  

.  Level II classes are formatted for participants with minimal limitations in movement and may include transitioning to/from the floor. The facilitator will provide low-impact and high-impact options to accommodate a variety of fitness levels.

.  Level III classes are high-intensity classes –format may include high-impact exercises and/or transitioning to/from the floor. Although low-impact modifications can be provided, still considered a high-intensity class.